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    Hi.  I’ve been gone for two months again.  I see many changes have been made.  And this includes me being locked out of my account.  While I remember my password that didn’t seem to matter.  And I can’t get my account back because I haven’t used that old email address that I first used to create this account for like 10 years.  So getting a new password or whatever doesn’t work.  T8, can I somehow get “David” back?  This is David by the way.

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    I take it you have been sorted out for a while now. If not let me know.

    I can see topics that go back 7 or so years under this name.


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    Hi t8


    i don’t have permission to post photos.  May i have this?

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    David you have to use @t8 in the start of your quote so it will sent a message to t8 for him to see and bring attention on your request ,

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