• Jodi……You got that right, it is “bizarre” and “fusstrating”,  they are so blind they can’t  even get the simple things right. 

    It would even be humorous,  if it weren’t damaging, but it sure does prove a point, unless the Lord shall build the house the weary builders build in vain. 

    Thats why Jesus and the deciples never tried to convien…[Read more]

  • Truthcomber. …. right , the word was “in” Christ (Jesus) ,  via the anointing he recieved, That is right, but that never made the (anointed one ) the man Jesus the word “himself” . You have that the exactly right, If I follow what you are saying correctly.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……gene

  • Anthony…..let me put it in a real simple terms for you,  in the beginning (of creation) was  GOD  (who is spirit, as well as his words that comes from him) . ACCORDING TO JESUS. Jesus told us “the words he was telling us were “not” his words,  but the words of him who sent him, and they were Spirit and life. Jesus was quoting God the Fath…[Read more]

  • T8…..scripture says Jesus came in the flesh,  so Jesus himself was  a flesh person, “right”? , but you say he was the word, who was another being who came  in the flesh,  a morphed being  of somekind right?. , in that way you are denying, his only  true existence as flesh?

    John was not saying Jesus was a alien who came in the flesh of a human…[Read more]

  • Anthony…..Again you switch and bate, “Only” one true God,  has “nothing” to do with being at one with God or anyone else for that matter, it just means,  “being in agreement with” nothing more nothing less. It’s just another twist you apply to scriptures to force the text to say what in fact it does not truly say.  Jesus was in total “agreement”…[Read more]

  • Anthony……Are you not also one of those decievers yourself?, you have stated, Jesus is God, Scripture says,”God is not a man, that he should lie,”nor” a son of man, that he should repent.  So, you are denying Jesus came in the flesh , by saying he was and is a God.  Jesus clearly said over over, and over, he was a “son” of man, but scrip…[Read more]

  • GeneBalthrop posted a new activity comment 3 days ago

    Nick what does that have to do with, Jesus not having a physical body? No scripture say that.
    And wher is says the LORD is the spirit, that not saying Jesus is a spirit being. Jesus has a visible body even revelation describes it and how he is dressed.

    When God made mankind , he certainly did not do it with mind to destory his creation of…[Read more]

  • T8……Jodi and I are telling you the truth brother, time for you to take a hard look  and give up you false assumptions you aquired many,  many, years ago. I am telling you, and others here also, if you  can’t, “IDENTIFY ” with Jesus on a human level, you simply do not know the real Jesus, of scriptures.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

  • T8…..Your still stuck in false religion,  you quote only part of what is says as Jesus being the only mediator between man and God, it says, “the man” Jesus,  the “anointed ” ,  

    Tell us what does these scriptures mean to you.

    Mat 10:23, 16:13, 19:28, 25:31, 8:38, 15:39,

    Luk 6:22, 7:12, 9:26, 12:40, 17:22, 17:30, 18:8,

    John 8:28, 13:…[Read more]

  • To all…… If Adam and Eve never sinned they would still be alive with the same body the were created with even until this very day.  OUR BODIES can reproduce themselves over and over, if the right Genetic codes are used.  Our complete bones are reproduced ever ten years , I just read , and  a lizard can lose an apendage and regrow it, many sp…[Read more]

  • GeneBalthrop posted a new activity comment 4 days ago

    Nick…. yes it is written,
    Psa 16:10 , for thou will not leave my soul (a body with the breath of life in it) in hell (the grave); neither will you suffer thy Holy one to see corruption. That is exactly what happens in the grave our bodies corrupt and turn to dust, and unless God regenerates it by a resurection it would remain that way for…[Read more]

  • TC…..Yea like you refer to all the many scriptures I have posted, right.  You put a twist on all kinds of scriptures by putting your own spin on them, and then you accuse others of doing exactly what you do, you pick and choose words and insert them into your conclusions.

    I will give you my understanding of what spirit is seening you are…[Read more]

  • Edj……if Jesus’ flesh “never”, saw corruption,   he obvisely still has it. JUST THAT SIMPLE,  no “mystery religion” needed.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

  • TC…..Still ignoring the scriptures I have posted to you, why don’t you just try to address them for a change.

    Look I am not here to change scriptures and force our text to say what they infact do not say, I just try to believe the as they are written.

    Flesh and blood is unable to inherit anything, it never  could  it is just a house we live i…[Read more]

  • TC…….show us where a spirit itself is a “body” of anykind. The word body in scriptures always is speaking of a “physical” body, and spirit is always speaking of the non physical force that effects the thinking of the minds of a physical person.

    Jesus clearly said after his resruction he was not a spirit, and he said he “is” the “root and…[Read more]

  • TC…..Why don’t you just say Jesus is a liar, so we are to believe,   he really isn’t the “root and offspring of king David”  according to you right?  

    You say he somehow was changed from a  mortal man to a spirit, being, not having a spritual body,  but a spirit being, which has “no” body”, so why does he in revelations still claim to be the ro…[Read more]

  • Jodi,  isn’t it amazing they can’t even understand simple straight forward, clearly written,  scriptures,  they won’t even talk about them, they just ignore them,  and change the subject as if they are not even written  in their bibles. It is a true statement   “they have eyes to see but see not, ears to hear but hear not”.

    They say we always…[Read more]

  • Edj……So when Jesus himself said he is a Son of man, around a “100”  times,  he was  lying to us, right?

    Edj and T8 …..interesting  how you people just change scriptures to meet you false teachings, well here are just somemore for you people to twist for us.

    Matt 1:1……The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the “son of Davi…[Read more]

  • T8…..That video is wrong, there are five different kingdoms of Babylon,

    1st… the head of Gold……..NEBUCHNASSER , this kingdom was existing when Daniel prophesied about the four more which were to rise “after” , the kingdom of Babylon,  “these four”  beast processed out of Babylon, Bablyon is not one of the remaining four beasts.

    The fo…[Read more]

  • TC…..Jesus has the seven spirits of God, and the seven horns (powers) and he shall judge by those seven spirits and use those seven horns (powers)  to execute those judgements, Jodi is completely right.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

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