• T8…….God was with him  but not “IN HIM” till he was baptized and anointed with his HOLY SPIRIT,  at the Jordan river.

    If you understood the real meaning of the Greek word , dia, as applied to our text, you would understand that it was for the purpose of all mankind,  God alone and by himself created everything , Jesus being the first fruit o…[Read more]

  • TC……WRONG,  we learn from God the Father , just as Jesus learns from him, through the FATHERS SPIRIT, that abides in us.  What does this mean to you TC, “I am going to my Father and “your” Father, my God and “your” God.  Why do you try so desperately to “seperate” Jesus’ idenity with the father from us? , That is something  Jesus never did.…[Read more]

  • T8…… Your Hang up is in the word through and in,  you have been shown that several times before,  they do not mean what you use them to mean,   “dia” does not mean  what you preach, those words they are mistranslated,  it should say of “the sake of”

    Dia,   a primary prepersition denoting the channel of an act;  through (in very wide appl…[Read more]

  • Jodi…..I tell you they just don’t, GET IT.   they couldn’t be more blind even if they tried. They are unable to put scriptures together and derive the true meanings from them IMO, if they could,  don’t you think we would not by now have some form of unity here. It’s appears it’s  just simply not given to them to know the truth yet. Your work is…[Read more]

  • Edj……that going forth was the “plan”  of God , about Jesus, it has nothing to do with a preexisting Jesus.  

    Jodi is apsolutely right, you and T8 are apsolutely wrong.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……..gene

  • We preach JESUS as a flesh and blood human,  as comming  into his  “only” existence, at the time of his berth  on this earth.  We preach him as a “prophised” human being,  who started his “only” life at his berth. You on the other hand preach a preexisting BEING  of somekind, you don’t know what kind,  “MORPHED” somehow into a human body. …[Read more]

  • T8…..You have alway said Jesus preexisted as a being before Abraham , maybe not “born” as a human before him ,but prexisted before him.  The only problem you don’t say in what way he did .  You even preach God created everything through him,  SO YOU CERTANILY SEE HIM AS A PREXISTING BEFORE ABRAHAM.   To say you don’t is simply a lie.

    Peace and…[Read more]

  • T8…..wrong you add to scriptures you say it says Jesus was born before Abraham, I see no scripture that says that.  You PREACH A PREEXISTING Jesus,  BUT HAVE NEVER SHOWN A SINGLE SCRIPTURE , that shows any activity of him before he was born on this earth. You say he was born the Christ at berth making him  anointed  twice, but scripture sho…[Read more]

  • T8…..Scriptures must be understood from the proper “sense” it is given.   Jodi gave an example about “the word became flesh”

    That scripture never made sense to me be before, because to me a word is not physical, it’s an expression or utterance of throught,  nothing physical about a word.  So I couldn’t place it properly as being “flesh”   so…[Read more]

  • T8……what Jodi posted certainly does correct your false teachings , your just not able at this time to see it. Sad.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……….gene


  • TC……All those being lead by the spirit of God  “are ” sons of God,  not just Jesus. WHAT makes you think we are not “literial” son of God also?

    Rom 8:14,  Gal 4:6,  1 John 3:2

    In what way does that make Jesus any different then his brothers and sisters?

    You also left out some inportant details in your quote,  by not quoting the foll…[Read more]

  • Jodi…Yes,  JESUS “in the flesh”, was and is the promised word of God, he is GOD’S WORD,  that came  to us in the FLESH. If someone  says,  I am going to buy you a new car, and does it, his word became,  a physical new car “to you”.  Very good point sis. As we search and seek truth, God reveals more  to us.

    Peace and love to you and yours. .…[Read more]

  • TC…… The Aramaic bible you quoted has it exactly right brother,  Good post.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene


  • Edj……YOUR WRONG again,  you left out one ….the feet and toes of iron and clay which came out of the iron .  This is the kingdom we are now living in.  The stone hits the image on the feet of iron and clay,  and that is the “FIFTH” progressive   BABYLONIAN kingdom , the rock is the one that “IS” WHICH IS THE SIXTH KINGDOM ON THIS EARTH AND A…[Read more]

  • Edj……Our JESUS,  IS THE “ANOUNTED ” ONE, YOUR JESUS IS THE ANOINTING itself,  BIG difference.  We See a human being whom God the Father anointed, you see a Jesus that “IS” the anointing himself.  You see Jesus as the “WORD” HIMSELF, we see a Jesus who is speaking not “his” words  but the words of the Living God to us.

    JESUS SAID, “many, shal…[Read more]

  • To all……This should show you how simple the words of Rev 17:10 is to understand if you have the right sequences of events.

    Example…… there were seven dollars,  in a pile, five are gone, one “IS” and two are yet to come,  so what dollar “IS” , ANSWER THE SIXTH DOLLAR, “IS” and two more are to come.

    The five BABLYONIAN  empires are cl…[Read more]

  • Miia…….do you still eat fish? And if Jesus ate the passover meals, he had to eat lamb meat, right? But I also believe we eat to much meat, at times.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ………gene

  • T8…….The reason the world did not reconize him (GOD  the Father that created everything) is the same reason you fail to reconize GOD the Father in THE MAN Jesus also.

    Do you think THOMAS was kidding when he finaly RECONIZE  God the Father was truly “IN” the man Jesus, and said,”my lord ( “adoni”  a human ruler) , “AND” my GOD”?

    TO bad mo…[Read more]

  • Edj…..the “man” Jesus did come out of the tribe of Judah,  the “man” Moses , also came out of the tribe of Levi.   Both became “anointed” leaders of GOD”S PEOPLE.   YOU PROBLEM is you are trying to make the “man” Jesus,  himself,  the “anointing” himself, that was on him,   before he was  a “man” “anointed'” becoming the Messiah,  of God.  The…[Read more]

  • TC…….another right . The spirit of God is indeed the mind of God and “IS” GOD.

    JESUS WILL BE A KING AND WILL RULE UNDER GOD THE FATHER authority, and he will hand over his kingdom to God the Father, after the Father has put all Jesus’ enmies under his feet., at the end of the thousand year reign of Jesus and the Saint’s. Things seem to be…[Read more]

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