What happened to all the posts??

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    ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG. New management???? WTF, there used to be heaps of cool threads, now only four?? in biblical discussions??
    None in enoch >.<

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    Wow its Maraculous. I had My display set to only MEssages today ^_^ Now i can see them all YEY!!!!

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    lol Ringo – welcome back

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    Ringo! How're you doing? :D

    As for the posts, it's kind of wierd. For some reason, the board only shows posts made in the past 24 hours by default. There's a drop-down box towards the bottom-right that says “today.” To see all the topics, change the box to “the beggining.”

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    Hi ringo111,

    Welcome back.

    I moved this discussion to the Helpdesk as it seemed more appropriate there.

    What have you been up to?


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    Wow, I just discovered the search thingy on the top right of the screen. I also discovered the “members” button next to it. Unbelievably, 150 people have joined since I have. Where are they all?
    Also, I couldn't help but notice that cubes is a dedicated member, the only one as far as I can tell. And pastor adam is an associate member, whatever that is. How does this work?
    dedicated member.

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