The soul

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    Hi Gene,

    While waiting in the queue for judgement do you think that you might be caught short and have to duck away

    to find a loo or get hungry and have to look for KFC

    or get thirsty and go for a drink?

    wake up.

    The old body is history.


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    Nick…the new body, is a physical body made up of flesh and bones “exactly” as the body Jesus was resurected with. AND YES THE SEED REPRODUCES AN EXACT BODY IT CAME FROM. A seed is a reproducer of the “exact” same body it came from. Rather wheat, corn, ect. And the seed of man reproduces a man, GOD GAVE EACH A SEED OF IT’S OWN, AND THAT INCLUDES MANKIND.

    JESUS and Moses, went forty days and forty nights without eating or drinking, Samson fought 1000 with the jaw bone of an ass, and brought down a pagan temple with his body, Peter and Jesus walked on water, Jesus defeated the laws of gravity, and went through a door with his resurected body.

    You are only producing your wants, without any true scriptural proof, you have not shown one scripture that shows Jesus’ body was done away with after his resurection, just pure speculation on your part Nick.

    No scripture support for you doctrine. But you continue to disbleieve all the scripture that clearly show you are wrong, not only by me but also by JODI, AND ANTHONY and others. Every thing you say about this subject has been clearly debuncked. But i seems you are not intrested in the truth, nor willing to accept the truth.

    NICK, would rather be a spirit, without a body, floating around in “arid places” seeking rest, looking for a body to dwell in? Spirits have no bodies they look for them. There is no resurection of a spirit found anywhere in scripture. So a resurection has to do with the body, just as the resurection of Jesus was. Even the seeds in Pauls example all had to do with a “BODY” being reproduce, not of a spirit as you assume.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……gene

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