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    The site first came online somewhere in or around 1999. In 2019 some 20 years later, the site has had an estimated million+ visitors with thousands of registered users following or discussing one or more of nearly 5000 topics that contain over 400,000 total replies to date.

    The site’s mission is still the same today as it was 20 years ago and that it to challenge all teachings and make them subject to Christ. Basically to see if they are true or not using scripture. Over the years, no subject has been as hotly debated and taboo at the same time as the Trinity Doctrine. Other hotly debated topics include the source, identity, and nature of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, does Hell last for all eternity, and our writing on how to stop sinning has helped many struggling with sin.

    Besides and honest and intense search for truth and debate regarding all things God related, one of the reasons for this site’s creation was to share a personal vision I had received on Heaven and another vision of Outer Darkness / Hell. These writings have been well received and helped encourage some when things look hopeless.

    Here’s to another 20 years of sharing God’s truth and challenging all teachings about God, his son, and his kingdom.


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