Alternate view of Zero Point Energy explains a lot of things

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    Chuck Missler discusses Zero Point Energy (ZPE) with Physicist Barry Setterfield.

    Barry Setterfield explains why Planck’s Constant is better explained when you shift away from the popular theory of QED (quantum electrodynamics) which describes how light and matter interact, to SED (stochastic electrodynamics) an extension of de Broglie–Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics, with the electromagnetic zero-point field. What is the result? Well it seems to align better with scripture for a start, but bias aside, it also explains a whole host of difficulties that Physics struggles with today. Further, it provides a simple explanation as to why animals and dinosaurs were able to grow to much greater sizes in prehistoric times and why such animals could not exist today. Barry does a great job of simplifying SED so that it becomes easier to understand than one might expect.

    Issachar Insight – Chuck Missler and Barry Setterfield

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    T8……very good post brother. Zpe makes sence. See what deveoples from this.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……..gene

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