Our journey as a living soul

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    What are we exactly. Without God’s Spirit / Breath we have no life. We are a living soul. Are we the soul inside a body. Is the body dispensable? Could we be a part of God’s own life spirit but restricted by existing inside a soul a container of of limited knowledge and experience. Empty of infinite knowledge, is our journey one of reaching the divine as we rise up through the levels of Heaven to see ever more of God? What is the ultimate destination once this age is over and other ages have come into being? Is the ultimate destination for the Spirit that gives us life to be given back to God who gave it, or is the soul given eternal life, so that it is an infinite journey of knowing more of the infinite God? Whatever the answer, God is love, and we will know more love and more love. This is enough. When we experience this, we will be evermore fulfilled.

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    Interesting observation

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