Irenaeus Writings

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    3. For the Creator of the world is truly the Word of God: and this is our Lord, who in the last times was made man, existing in this world, and who in an invisible manner contains all things created, and is inherent in the entire creation, since the Word of God governs and arranges all
    things; and therefore He came to His own in a visible4612 manner, and was made flesh, and hung upon the tree, that He might sum up all things in Himself. “And His own peculiar people did not receive Him,” as Moses declared this very thing among the people: “And thy life shall be hanging before thine eyes, and thou wilt not believe thy life.”4613 Those therefore who did not receive Him did not receive life. “But to as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God.”4614 For it is He who has power from the Father over all things, since He is the Word of God, and very man, communicating with invisible beings after the manner of the intellect, and appointing a law observable to the outward senses, that all things should continue each in its own order; and He reigns manifestly over things visible and pertaining to men; and brings in just judgment and worthy upon all; as David also, clearly pointing to this, says, “Our God shall openly come, and will not keep silence.”4615 Then he shows also the judgment which is brought in by Him, saying, “A fire shall burn in His sight, and a strong tempest shall rage round about Him. He shall call upon the heaven from above, and the earth, to judge His people.”


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    Sure he was the agent by which all was created. But creation is not eternal and God is. Being the agent of creation is no proof that you are eternal like God. But God is a father and Jesus the son. That explains it well.

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    He could do nothing of himself.

    His work was all done by the Spirit in him.

    All he said was the words of the Spirit speaking through him.

    He received that Spirit at the Jordan becoming the Word made flesh that dwelt among us.


    The Son of God by His sharing of the Spirit of God.

    The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God.

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