• NickHassan posted an update 5 days, 5 hours ago

    So you do agree that Jesus was conceived and he made in his mother’s Womb?
    Why do you contradict yourself and tell us he preexisted?

    • I never said otherwise. You need to start paying attention Nick. He was born as a human the same as any other human. For some reason you come up with false ideas that I have not believed or promoted, then you attempt to rebuke me. But the battle is solely in your own head and all we see is a train wreck taking place. You are not adequate to judge Nick. You need to find profitable employment for the Kingdom of God if you wish to make your life have meaning. Life is too short to allow our own human nature to drive our decisions and a bitter spirit is not good. Being born from above gives us a new nature where love is the primary driver of our decisions.

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