• NickHassan posted on t8‘s wall 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    @t8 Hi t8,
    Very noble of you then to deal with us in such a manner.
    We deserved it all alongand you are clearly the best one to judge others.

    • Where is the yes or no to my question in the post below?

    • I will ask again in case you missed it.

      In your heart, have you believed or taught that Jesus (without the term Christ) in the Bible is referring to an ordinary man without the Spirit of God?

      Yes / No.

    • Even simpler…
      Was Jesus “The Christ” before his water baptism at the Jordan river?
      “Yes” or “No”

    • He has already answered no to that Ed J. Gene and Jodi do not believe this either. And Nick basically teaches that any mention of Jesus in scripture is a man who is not the Christ because he doesn’t have the Holy Spirit. Nick believes that he becomes the Christ from his baptism in the Jordan. He teaches that Jesus is not the Christ in scripture. Only Jesus Christ is the Christ according to him. Nick should be very worried about this because scripture is clear as to who denies Jesus is the Christ.

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