• NickHassan posted on Jodi‘s wall 1 week, 2 days ago

    @Jodi Hi Jodi,
    Jesus was rather sed in his flesh and bone body to fulfil the sign of Jonah.
    The body of the sacrificial Lamb of God was carried into the temple by the High Priest, Jesus Christ.

    • Once again you are denying clear passage. The sign is about three days and three nights he would rise again, such does not dissolve the fact that the one to sit on David’s throne would be of the flesh of David’s loins. There is no part of the sign that means his rising was to be in a temporary form. You can’t prove anything with the sign of Jonah, it’s just your own idea that Jesus rose from the dead in the flesh only to fulfill the sign of Jonah, that isn’t even part of the sign, it was all about 3 days and 3 nights he would rise again. The fact that when he rose he did so in the flesh isn’t the point of the sign Nick, trying to say it is and then assert that it was just temporary so he could fulfill the sign I find to be just ridiculous.

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