Second Thesalonians explained

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    Anthony….All things have to fit, to understand a prophecy, does everything fit in your understanding of Paul’s prophetic words in 2 thes 2. Remember Paul said that mystery of iniquity was “ALREADY WORKING” in his time. Yes the GNOSTIC’S WERE ALREADY PREACHING JESUS AS A GOD IN PAULS DAY AS WELL A JOHN’S ALSO, They eventually left the church and started their own form of Christianity that eventually took over the whole church when the apostles died out, and that is when the fallen away took place, and exists unto this very day. Anthony the “LIE” was about who Jesus was, it was about him, not the pope or anyone else. Remember Jesus said the deception would be about him, not someone else.

    Anthony here is another example of understand scripture, in revelations it says this, “five are fallen, one is, and one is yet to come. If you can understand that you can exactly date the time of the events being spoken about. Remember what DANIEL said about the kingdoms that would arise upon the earth, there were five that would rise out of Babylon, and after that another would be established by GOD , THAT MAKES SIX kingdoms on this earth, so if you apply that then you can see that the one that “IS” is the kingdom of Jesus and the Saints, and the one that is to come is when Satan is released out of the bottomless pit and causes another kingdom to arise, that is the seventh kingdom. Satan who comes out of the bottomless pit is the eight but of the seventh.

    SO THE EVENTS BEING MENTIONED there is speaking from the point of view of sixth kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Saints, because that is the one that “IS” IN THE PROPHESY. That time dates it, and eliminates lot of speculations.

    The same applies with 2 thesseloians 2, everything has to fit, that will eliminate false speculations. Make a list of facts writtin there and see if what you have said fit the prophesy, remember if they don’t then the interputation is wrong. Please show me where i am wrong in what i have said, concerning 2 thes 2. Take every detail written there and compair it with what i have said, and you will find everything fits exactly. If there is something there that doesn’t fit tell me and we can descuss it.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ….gene

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