• NickHassan posted on t8‘s wall 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    @t8 Hi T8,
    You ask why Gene is not the Christ?
    There are other Christs in scripture, false Christs,- Mt 24.5, 24
    But the question seems to show lack of respect for God and His ways.
    The unique anointing of the Christ or Messiah cannot be understood by you.
    Neither can the opportunity all men have of sharing in his anointing by joining his body.

    Beware of disrespecting the Spirit of God.

    • It seems you do not understand the question because it is your belief too that leads to that question. Because you say he became the Christ when he received the Holy Spirit at the Jordan. So what about others then that receive the same Spirit? The point being, there is more to him being the Christ than you teach. This is the point I have been driving at for a while now because Jordan was thirty or so years later, but he was the Christ in the City if David. See that?

    • You say an ordinary man received the Holy Spirit became Christ. What about all the other ordinary men that receive the Spirit? Why aren’t they the Christ according to your teaching?

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