• NickHassan posted on t8‘s wall 1 month ago

    @t8 Hi t8,
    Instead of being patient and pondering in your heart the deeper matters,
    you have chosen to attack serious bible believers.
    Is it your intention to destroy the site?

    • Ed J replied 1 month ago

      Hi Nick,

      I personally would like to see T8 reinstate your posting abilities.
      I don’t view your view as a danger to other’s beliefs.
      I believe totally in freedom of speech
      1’st Amendment to the US Constitution

    • t8 replied 1 month ago

      It was a bad witness Ed J. His posts put others off posting and participating here. Nick couldn’t stop attacking everyone. The worse one was when new Believers came here and he basically tried to become their cult leader by taking advantage of their vulnerability and lack of knowledge. He also couldn’t answer a simple yes or no questions. Additionally he also changed the topic repeatedly. I gave him years to change. In the end it was him or the wellbeing of the site IMO. Remember that he has posted probably more than all of us put together. Is it wise to let the site basically become a base to attack others. And would I be accountable before God for allowing this to continue? Of course I believe in free speech and free will, but the decision to ban him was never based on difference of opinion. It was about him repeatedly flouting the rules of the site which are not a burden to anyone. The rules are clear and the block on posting is mentioned as a consequence. He knew the rules.

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