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When it comes to God, Jesus, and the Bible, people have many questions. We have some of the more popular questions asked including a number of difficult questions like “Is religion the cause of most wars?”.

Eternal Life after death, or Eternal death after life: which will you choose?
Some people think the choice is eternal life in Heaven or Hell, but that is not scriptural. The reality is this. Yes we can have eternal life in the Kingdom of God, this is in fact the promise of God. But the wicked will not have eternal life in Hell. It is written that they lose their soul and are destroyed. They suffer eternal destruction and are said to perish. They will be no more and this judgement is eternal. They will never have life again as that is only for the righteous. Scripture also says that Hell is cast into the Lake of Fire and this judgement fire destroys not only the wicked, but is the same fire that renews the Earth. This terrible fire is how God will make a new Heaven and a new Earth. When this happens, there will be NO sin, suffering, crying, or pain in existence. ALL things will be new and perfect because God is merciful and his plan is good. God has promised this. Read more →

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