Vision of Hell


In this vision I saw a light above me and in the corner of my eye I noticed something moving. I quickly focused on what was moving and realised that it was darkness starting to eclipse the light. I started to say to myself “the darkness is eclipsing the light” and I expected it to totally block out the light. But when the darkness covered half of the light it stopped. So I was faced with darkness on my right and light on my left. I then said to myself “I know what you are saying to me God, You’re saying that I have a choice I can either choose the Light or the Darkness”. So I thought to myself which one.

In Revelation 2:11 it says
“Let the person who has ears listen to what the Spirit says to the churches. Everyone who wins the victory will never be hurt by the second death.

I then said to God “You have shown me Heaven and I have seen your light before and I would love to see more, but I am curious about the darkness and what it is like?” All of a sudden I was in the darkness and there was no light to be seen anywhere. I was shocked to be there and I said to God something like: “I only thought about coming here and now I am here, I didn’t expect that”. I was instantly transported there just by thinking about it, no time to change my mind. I then thought to myself, oh well I’m here now so I might as well find out what it is all about. As I said before it was pitch black and I could not see any light.

I stood in the darkness for about 5 seconds and couldn’t see anything or feel anything. It was a little bit frightening at that stage but I was unsure of what was going on. I then thought to myself maybe I should leave as there is nothing here and what was the point of this experience. Then all of a sudden I saw something in the darkness. So I focused as hard as I could to see what it was. I then saw the form of a person and I focused and found the face of this person. I started to think, perhaps this is a person in hell? I kept focusing on this persons face and then I saw the persons eyes. All of a sudden I had the most horrible and frightening experience in my life. When I looked into this persons eyes I saw and felt the horror of Hell in an instant. I was absolutely shocking. With that I said “I am leaving” and I was once again faced with light on my left hand side and darkness on my right.

I stood motionless as I got my thoughts together and tried to understand what just happened. I said to myself “What was that horror that I experienced”. I know it was terrible beyond words yet almost straight away I started to forget how bad it was and I said ” I am going back inside and I am going to face this fear and this time I will overcome it for God is with me.” Again I saw this person and again I looked into the persons eyes and the horror happened again. It was like there was an invisible river of pure evil flowing through this persons being and he was in an absolute state of horror himself. Or maybe it was better described as a vacuum there there was no God. The only way I can explain it is to say this. Imagine the goodness, love, wisdom, friendship, peace, joy, and harmony. Well these things did not exist in this place, not even an inch of these things existed. It was just a state of no God. It was pure darkness, suffering and torment. The lack of God is absolutely the most frightening thing you can experience. After this I just wanted to get out and the vision came to an end. Upon reflection, I know what I experienced was really just being totally cut off from Gods goodness. This is way more frightening than you can imagine..

Death when translated means separation and physical death is when your soul is separated from your body. The second death is where your soul is separate from God and all his goodness. Once separated from the God of the Living, you obviously are cut off from his eternal life and goodness.

You see my friend when you travel down the road of sin, your destination is torment followed by destruction. You will suffer in the darkness with time to contemplate, then be cast away from God and his Kingdom forever after the Judgement and never to be given life again. This revelation satisfied my curiosity about the darkness and evil and I am totally convinced that it is not the way to go. Yet I see people every day living sinful lives and not caring about eternal things. How sorry those people will be if they do not turn from their sins and turn to God who can save them from sin and evil.

Years later I really regret not choosing the Light when I saw it the second time in this vision, I believe I would have seen much more of the wonderful glories of Heaven that I had in an earlier vision. But this chance never happened again. I do however feel very fortunate to have experienced both sides (light and darkness). I believe too that God showed me these things because I desired to know the truth with all my heart and he wanted me to tell others about the light and the darkness. In  Matthew 7:7 it says

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.


The day after my vision of Hell I started to see that in this world we have hope and there are good things to enjoy like love. We can eat nice food and enjoy a measure of good things. But the best thing we have is the ability to ask God for forgiveness for our sins. It is not to late for us. Once we die and your life is over then there is nothing more you can do and the book that records your life is finished.My guess is that all who are in Hell would do anything to be where you are now, i.e., to have the chance to choose God. You are in a privileged position because you can change the course of your life right now.


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