The River of Life

The Light

The following is a vision of Paradise that was shown to me when I first dedicated my life to God. I accepted God’s gift of salvation and I turned from my evil ways and accepted that Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way to God. Then God started speaking to me powerfully through visions, dreams and miraculous circumstances in my life. The most powerful vision I received was a vision of Heaven this happened only a few months after my initial commitment to serve God.

In this vision I seemed to be in my spirit and floating above clouds with a very beautiful place below me. As I looked down I noticed a river flowing in a curved zig zag fashion. I then descended into this place. The first thing that I saw appeared to be a very beautiful park with a this river that I had seen from above, now before me. I noticed a bridge near by and decided to cross over the bridge. At this point I noticed something very different and unusual. I started to sense this incredible love and it became intensely strong. So intense in fact that words cannot adequately describe this love. It filled my whole being and for the first time I felt totally and utterly satisfied deep down in my heart and soul. I didn’t know that love like this existed and I remember feeling that this awesome love didn’t freak me out or feel strange at all, but rather I knew that this was the way that life should be and it was my life on Earth that seemed strange.

My existence before this vision seemed incomplete and very cold in comparison to what I was seeing, feeling and knowing. It became obvious to me that the love of God is the most awesome experience that a person can have. It seemed easy to understand that it was possible to live forever in his love and never get bored or feel like yawning or getting tired. It was wave upon wave of love and my response was pure joy. I knew I was being shown the answer to Life. The next thing and definitely secondary to the love that I was experiencing was this amazing life that was flowing through me. I felt incredibly aware and alive. My life on Earth which I was not thinking about felt like death in comparison upon later comparison. The best way to describe it would be to say that if life was a substance then I was getting a full dose and on Earth I was only getting crumbs. This incredible life made me feel complete. I knew what it was like to be perfect and complete and lacking nothing as it says in scripture. I also noticed that Gods glory was everywhere and everything was beautiful and new, this observation or thought came later as I was mainly taken up in God’s love and life.

Paradise of GodI continued on walking and I came to the river again as it crossed my path, and there was another bridge so I crossed it. I repeatedly crossed the river and each time I could feel Gods love more and more intense. It seemed that I was going higher and higher in God, or his love was getting stronger and everything around me seemed to be more glorious. I later thought that I was just getting closer to the source of the River of Life.

Eventually I arrived in a place of activity and people. Their presence was awesome. The atmosphere they created by just talking to each other created the most wonderful feeling of acceptance and unity. We seemed to become one yet individuality was not lost. The Glory of God was intense and the sensation and revelation of being with these Holy Ones was a very rich experience of communication. I didn’t hear any words for some reason, but I did experience this awesome atmosphere that was created from their presence and communication. It was like wave upon wave of joy, love and truth, with the most beautiful imagery entering my mind as they conversed. I seemed to be taken up in this experience to new heights in God as I observed what they were saying. Honestly, human words are inadequate when trying to describe what was being conversed and I now cannot even comprehend what I saw, yet at the time I understood it all perfectly. All I can remember was that this communication was rich in love, life and colour with multi dimensional ways of expressing them.

River of LifeNext thing I saw was another vision within the vision. I saw the members of my family. God said to me that he wanted to see them all in this place. After this, the vision ended. I then opened my eyes and regretted doing so immediately, because it signified the end of the vision. I spent the next half hour staring at the wall, and trying my best to go back, but after a while I knew I couldn’t, and I had to accept that the vision had finished.

I looked around me with sadness and regret that I was back on Earth in my sinful body. I felt a real coldness about my existence here, but I there was joy because I knew that God showed me something incredible and I had felt his wonderful love, which was far better than anything I could of imagined.

After this I tried to understand where I had been, because I was a new believer I didn’t know my Bible very well. I first thought that I saw Heaven, but in my ignorance I reasoned that it may not be, because I saw green fields and a river and beautiful landscapes. I just thought that Heaven wouldn’t have these things and was more misty and spirtual. I then thought perhaps it was the Garden of Eden, it sure looked like it, but it was obvious Eden was no longer. For many days I tried to figure out where I had been. When I had the experience, I remember thinking I must be in Heaven, but afterwards my intellect started me doubting this because of the landscapes I had seen. Tree of Life

Not long after this experience I went to see a preacher who was holding a meeting in a school near where I lived. The Preacher started talking about PARADISE, and he explained how many believers in the Lord had seen Paradise because they were either shown in a vision or they had a near death experience. The Preacher continued by saying In Paradise, (which is part of Heaven), there is a river that flows from the throne of God, and on each side of the river is the tree of life. He also said that chapter 22 of the Book of Revelations (The last book in the Bible) explains this. So I quickly turned my bible to this chapter and read: “The Angel showed me a river filled with the water of Life, as clear as crystal. It was flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb. Between the street of the city and the river there was a Tree of Life visible from both sides………

I knew then that the river I had seen was the River of Life and that I was priveledged to see and experience Paradise. In Revelation 2:7 it says “Let the person who has ears listen to what the Spirit says to the Churches. I will give the privilege of eating from the tree of life , which stands in the Paradise of God, to everyone who wins the victory.

I have since learned that in Heaven there is a city called Heavenly Jerusalem. The city is the location for the throne room and this is where Yeshua rules God’s creation. He is seated with the Father on his throne and the River of Life proceeds from this throne. This is why Jesus said he is the life. This river flows from the throne and down the streets of the city, and out into Paradise, the part of Heaven outside the great city where there is the most beautiful landscapes and mansions. The latter is what I believe I saw in this vision.

Contrary to how we think now, Man can live in perfect harmony with nature. See John 14:2 + Isaiah 11:6-8 + Isaiah 65:25. I have also learned from my experience and others that the closer to the source of the river you are, the greater the life and the glory of God. This why there are creatures who worship at the throne day and night forever and ever (see Revelation 4:8). They are at the very source of all life, and God’s glory is the greatest here because the closer to the Lord the greater the glory and life. The Earth before the fall was made in the image of heaven. The Garden of Eden was made in the image of Paradise, and this is why Eden was also called paradise. On Earth all life is sustained by water and rivers are the source for much of this life. This too is a reflection of the River of Life in heaven. My vision only encompasses a very small part of Paradise, but many others have had visions of the city, (there are a number of books available) including the Book of Revelation chapter 22 (the last book in the bible) written about 2000 years ago by the Apostle John, who was/is one of Jesus original disciples.

CrossesLuke 23:39-43. records an invitation to Paradise from Jesus Christ: One of the criminals hanging there insulted Jesus by saying So you are really the Messiah, are you ? Well save yourself and us. But the other criminal scolded him, Don’t you fear God at all ? Can’t you see that you are condemned in the same way that he is ? Our punishment is fair. We’re getting what we deserve. But this man hasn’t done anything wrong. Then he said, Jesus remember me when you enter your Kingdom. Jesus said to him, I can guarantee this truth today you will be with me in Paradise”

The Darkness

Eclipse In this vision I saw a light above me and in the corner of my eye I noticed something moving. I quickly focused on what was moving and realised that it was darkness starting to eclipse the light. I started to say to myself “the darkness is eclipsing the light” and I expected it to totally block out the light. But when the darkness covered half of the light it stopped. So I was faced with darkness on one side and light on the other. I then said to myself “I know what you are saying to me God, You’re saying that I have a choice I can either choose the Light or the Darkness”. So I thought to myself which one. In Revelation 2:11 it says “Let the person who has ears listen to what the Spirit says to the churches. Everyone who wins the victory will never be hurt by the second death.

I then said to God “You have shown me Heaven and I have seen your light before and I would love to see more, but I am curious about the darkness and what it is like and what it is about?” All of a sudden I was in the darkness and there was no light to be seen anywhere. I was shocked to be here and I said to God “I only thought about coming here and now I am here, I didn’t expect that”. I was instantly transported there just by thinking about it. No time to change my mind. I then thought to myself, oh well, I’m here now so I might as well find out what it is all about. As I said before it was pitch black and I could not see any light.

I stood in the darkness for about 5 seconds and couldn’t see anything or feel anything. It was a little bit frightening, but I did not feel any pain at least. I then thought to myself maybe I should leave because there is nothing here and was wondering what the point of me being here was. All of a sudden I saw something. I focused hard to see what it was. I then saw the form of a person and I focused on the face of this person. I started to think, perhaps this is a person in Hell. I kept focusing on this persons face and then I saw the persons eyes. All of a sudden I had the most horrible and frightening experience in my life. When I looked into this persons eyes I saw and felt the horror of Hell in an instant. I was so shocked that I said “I am leaving” and with that I was faced once again by light on my left hand side and darkness on my right.

I stood motionless as I got my thoughts together and tried to understand what just happened. I said to myself “What was that horror that I experienced”. I know it was terrible beyond words, yet almost immediately I started to forget how bad it was and I decided to return and I face this fear with the idea of overcoming it. Again I saw this person and again I looked into the persons eyes and the horror happened again. It was like there was an invisible river of pure evil or the opposite of God sort of flowing through this persons being and he was in an absolute state of horror. The only way I can explain this was to say this. Imagine the words good, love, wisdom, friendship, peace, joy, and harmony. Well these things did not exist in this place, not even an inch of these things existed. It was pure darkness. It was the opposite of all good and it was hard to suffer. After this I just wanted to get out and the vision came to an end.

Upon reflection, I know what I experienced was being cut off from God completely. Death when translated means separation and physical death is when your soul is separated from your body. The second death is where your soul is separate from God and all his goodness.

You see my friend, when you travel down the road of sin, your destination is not a good place. You will as the Bible states, go to Hades and eventually be given over to the Second Death. You will suffer, then be judged, and then cast away from God and his Kingdom forever, never to be given life again.

While this revelation satisfied my curiosity about the darkness and evil and I am totally convinced that it is not the way to go, yet I see people every day living sinful lives. They care not about precious and eternal things. How sorry those people will be if they do not turn from their sins.

In hindsight, my biggest regret was not choosing the Light when I saw it the second time in this vision, I believe I would have seen much more of the wonderful glories of Heaven. But this chance never happened again since. I do however feel very fortunate to have experienced both sides all the same and I believe that God showed me Heaven and Hell or Light and Darkness because I really desired to know the truth and as Matthew 7:7 says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.


The day after my vision of Hell I started to see that in this world we have hope and there are good things to enjoy. Love even exists here to a degree. We can eat nice food and enjoy a measure of good things. But really, the best thing we have today is the ability to ask God for forgiveness for our sins and to have them wiped away. It is not hard, God has made it as easy as accepting a gift. It is not too late for us. Once we die and our life is over then there is nothing more we can do and the books that records our live is written. My guess is that all who are in Hell awaiting the great judgement would do anything to be where you are now, i.e., to have the chance to choose God. You are in a privileged position today, please do not sqaunder it.

In the end of life’s journey there is a separation of good and bad. Light and darkness. Love and wrath. Righteousness and wickedness. Which side will you end up on. Face the truth this moment. Obviously we are all dying. If you are wise then you will do something about your soul. Life is the most precious thing that you have at the moment. It is more precious than your new car or your career. Without life how can you even enjoy these lesser things. The Bible says in (See Matthew 16:26) “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul. Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul.” The Bible also says: “Today if you hear his voice do not harden your heart”.

Hell is full of people who said I will give my life to God later. Then they died a sudden death and weren’t ready and they realise how foolish they were. But you can get your life right with God starting now. It’s up to you. You have the power to choose life or death. Remember that God the creator of all good cannot fellowship with sin. Your sins must be dealt with. God sent his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die in your place that you may go free. The price for the penalty of your sin has been paid. There is no need for you to perish. God is reaching out his loving hand to you. Why not take it.

Pray in your own words to him and ask that all your sins be forgiven. Then ask him to lead you into all truth. Most of all, never give up searching. God has things for those who seek him diligently and we are never to old to learn from God.

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