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Q: If the Trinity Doctrine is a false doctrine, then does that mean that most teachers today are false teachers?

A: Jesus is the son of God and the messiah. God sent him into the world and even though the world was made through him, it did not recognise him. But to those who do, and those who receive him, and those that obey his teachings, such are the children of God.

I would think that a good number of teachers teach this truth. While they may have personal opinions on some variables, as long as the main message and gospel is being taught and proclaimed, they are teaching the truth.

My guess is that a teacher who focuses on teaching something false, (like Oneness Doctrine or the Trinity Doctrine), is a false teacher. But a teacher who teaches the truth, while holding a false teaching in their theology, is not necessarily a false teacher.

No one is perfect and that goes for teachers. Some grace has to be applied here. As far as the Trinity goes, most teachers I have met who believe it, actually do not teach it. They might speak it sometimes, but rarely teach it. That has probably more to do with not understand that doctrine, but yes they are deceived in that particular area and often they subscribe to a denomination that has the Trinity as their foundation.

This is the difference between being in a denomination and being part of the Body of Christ. Unfortunately, most believers have one foot in the Body and the other in a denomination. The sooner we all realise this and change, the better it will be for the Body because it can then move closer to being one and that is a better witness to the world. After all, Jesus did say that the world would believe when we become one and have love for one another.

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