The word “evolve”.


Have you ever noticed how the word “evolve” is used in today’s language. It humors me when I hear statements like, “the incredible evolution of mobile phones“, or “contributing to the evolution of the Internet “. Why is this humorous? Because the word “evolve” is being used to describe the meaning of the word “create”. In other words, many people who do not believe in God are using use the word “evolve” in a way that totally undermines their own belief system.

Things like the Internet and mobile phones have a creator and yes they are getting better, but that improvement is due to intelligent design and improvements, not random mutations where a lucky mutated phone appears once in a while that proves useful to humans.

So why do people who lack belief in God, use the word “evolve” to describe something that is really created by an intelligent designer? I think it is because deep down they know that complex machines and inventions require a designer. They even call the human body a machine and talk about the parts as mechanisms. Again, this shows that they really do believe that design requires a designer. Its a pity they are not so honest when it comes to explaining biological machines.

Of course in their defense they are quick to point out that you cannot compare biological machines with synthetic or man-made ones. Yet this answer only shows their lack of understanding. Because the ‘design requiring a designer’ argument is basically saying that if a robot  cannot come about by Evolution, then how much more ridiculous is it to believe that a biological animal does. In other words if Evolution is a bad way to describe the existence of a robot, then how much more worse is it to say that Evolution produces much more complex machines.

If this made you think, then I encourage you to read a writing called “Fatheism” which will make you think even more.

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    The reason people use the word EVOLVE is because they don,t want to admit there is a creator or as matt 11:25 says At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.

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