Quotes we list here are mostly pearls of wisdom written by people throughout history. They invoke thought on many different subjects and sometimes challenge our misconceptions and biases.

“50 million people died in World War II. Over 40 million people have died of AIDS. That's why I don't believe in God.”
- Richard Hintz Wars confirm what God says about humanity--that we are evil and we kill each other by the millions. AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease. If sexual relations had been confined to a man and a woman within the bounds of marriage as the Bible says, there wouldn't be any STD’s and more than 40 million people wouldn't have died such horrible deaths. However, you and I are also going to die. This is because God said "The soul that sins, shall die." The proof of our sin will be our death. Don't default into the unscientific nothing-created-everything belief, over these issues. Such stark realities confirm the truth of the Bible. - www.livingwaters.com
'When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser' - Socrates
Given that debate is a popular activity in the site's forums, I encourage people to read this guide on debating. Click here
The truly great leaders will be those who would rather listen than talk, always seeking more understanding.
If we read the Scriptures with a truly humble heart, we will not do so in an attempt to justify our positions, but rather we will be seeking corrections for our positions.
- Rick Joyner

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