Sir Isaac Newton

Not many are aware that the father of Physics and arguably the greatest scientist of all time – Sir Isaac Newton, was a zealous believer in God. He spent more time studying scripture than he did science and math.

After intense study of the scriptures, Newton concluded that the Trinity was a false doctrine and he believed that most people were not ready to receive this information. Denying the Trinity was heretical, and so Newton remained extremely cautious about his views. His beliefs about the Trinity, and his notes on it were not found until two centuries after his death.

In his writings regarding the Trinity, he wonders why a metaphysical concept imported from Greek philosophy, a practice of which he was extremely suspicious, was taught as truth when there was shaky inference in scripture. He insisted “the true faith was in the text.”

This video explains his beliefs, practices, and his conclusions with regards to the timing of events in God’s calendar.

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    The Alchemy of Science and Mysticism

    by Alain Bauer

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    Newton and The Rosicrucians

    Perhaps the movement which most influenced Isaac Newton was Rosicrucianism. Though the Rosicrucian movement had caused a great deal of excitement within Europe’s scholarly community during the early seventeenth century, by the time Newton had reached maturity the movement had become less sensationalized. However, the Rosicrucian movement still would have a profound influence upon Newton, particularly in regard to his alchemical work and philosophical thought.

    The Rosicrucian belief in being specially chosen for the ability to communicate with angels or spirits is echoed in Newton’s prophetic beliefs. Additionally, the Rosicrucians proclaimed to have the ability to live forever through the use of the elixir vitae and the ability to produce limitless amounts of time and gold from the use of The Philosopher’s Stone, which they claimed to have in their possession. Like Newton, the Rosicrucians were deeply religious, avowedly Christian, anti-Catholic, and highly politicised. Isaac Newton would have a deep interest in not just their alchemical pursuits, but also their belief in esoteric truths of the ancient past and the belief in enlightened individuals with the ability to gain insight into nature, the physical universe, and the spiritual realm.

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    Isaac Newton was a man who searched more than most. He made some mistakes as we all do, but generally speaking, he discovered more and understood more than most. God revealed to him many great truths and he was not silly enough to believe in the superstitions and the many lies of his time, but questioned them. As far as alchemy went, chemistry wasn’t even a discipline and he searched for the truth in all things including chemicals and elements. Who knew then what was possible, but it took great and brave men like him to find out. This is why he made so many breakthroughs in many fields of science and the bible, while many in his day did nothing to serve God and truth.

    Men who do not like what he discovered and believed generally do so because they want to defend their beliefs which he dispelled. Thank God for men like him. Men who seek the truth against such great opposition and religious oppression.

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    From all accounts it seems obvious he studied the Bible to gain a sort of secret scientific knowledge of the universe…but was he really a born-again believer in Jesus Christ..?

    He didn’t believe the trinity nor did he believe in demons or a literal Devil..guess it suits your purpose that a well known scientist denied the trinity…but as for me I do not see in him a love for truth, only a quest for dead knowledge…

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    Men worship God in different ways. Newton acknowledged that the Universe was created by God. And he set about know as much as he could about what God had created. If you think about it. He showed appreciation for that which God made and he gave God all the glory. Unlike most people, he sat on some of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time without sharing them and getting a name for himself. His only interest was the truth. This is partially why he saw the Trinity for what it is. It takes those who seek to find the truth of a matter.

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    yes,t8, you got that right ,everyone of us will only reap what they have sowed ,for truth comes from God not from men,so that a man of truth is a men in God and for God’s glory

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