Rivers and Waterfalls

Around 2003 and preceding years, I use to have the same type of dream where I was travelling to places to admire natural attractions and to view the awesome power of some rivers and waterfalls located here. Because this dream was repeated in many different ways, I knew that there was a message in them for me. After some time pondering what these dreams meant, I was given the meaning which I want to share with you.

Read it here:
Rivers and Waterfalls

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     Richard of Decatur 
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    Your dream and understanding its meaning is very enlightening. Those who read about your dream should grasp its meaning even before you explain it.
    I want to find out more about what you know from the Word of God.
    I too am a pilgrim in this world. Seeking truth and using it to guide my life is very important. Sharing it with others gives my life a purpose beyond simply living.

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    Cheers Richard. I post around here from time to time so we can converse.


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