Nigel Latta Quote

The following is from Nigel Latta a popular New Zealand television personality. I like his quote because I too think about dying a lot and for the same reasons.

How often do you think about dying?

I think about it quite a bit, on purpose. I’m not doing it in some kind of morose, depressing way, but instead I think about dying to keep me focused on what’s important, and what really matters in my life. Thinking about being dead helps to keep me focused on the most important parts of being alive.

So maybe try this: Imagine you died today… hopefully in some nice, relaxing kind of way, or even in a dramatic and heroic way if that’s your thing…. but dead just the same. Then think about the single thing you would have regretted you never said to all of the most important people in your life.

Then, realizing you in fact are still alive and all these moments are still possible… go say them.

Seriously, don’t just sit their reading this and imagine saying them… go and actually say them. One day you will be dead and you won’t have the option. So while you have it… use it.

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