• I hear you, Jodi…

    As a last on this element, can you outline to me somethings that you thought at the beginning and how your views have changed since learning that ‘Strange Flesh’ has nothing to do with anything other than immoral sexual activity…

    Why did you imagine that anyone could have sex with an angel – given that angels are Spirit and…[Read more]

  • Hi Jodi, I hear what you say about not being overly interested in anything. And indeed there isn’t anything overly interesting in this section of the thread – it’s just being drawn out as there isn’t anything else going on.

    The video is a trivial piece of nonsense – one of a thousand or more in which really unworthy and indeed unscriptural…[Read more]

  • I think Leviticus 20:9-… gives a good idea of ‘Strange Flesh’, particularly the last few verses of this law.

    Remember that before Moses, there were no laws given in plain human language. Obviously these abominations were covered by the ‘the knowledge of good and evil’ wherein ‘commonsense’ dictates that these were wrong.

    Alas, we are returning…[Read more]

  • t8, I guess the purpose of your investigation into ‘strange flesh’ is to keep the thread going as nothing else is happening here.

    It appears Jodi is over-interested in the aspect whether the wicked men wanted to have sex with the two ‘men’ who were staying with LOT – and would it have made any difference if they knew the ‘men’ we’re really Holy,…[Read more]

  • t8, don’t you mean, ‘…discuss CREATIONISM with a staunch atheist..’?

    In any case, my point is that ‘There WAS NOTHING TO DISCUSS in the first place’ concerning whether the ‘men’ who came to Sodom and stayed with LOT were Angels (fallen or holy!!).

    The text is CLEAR AS CRYSTAL that they were ‘Holy Angels’ sent by Yahweh God – as the fulfilment…[Read more]

  • t8, I think I will spare your blushes and not comment on how embarrassing this whole discussion on a nonexistent theme concerning ‘Fallen Angels’ in Sodom is getting.

    It seems you have got Jodi dwelling on wayward aspects of someone’s ill-fertile imagination.

  • Yes it is worth a look. They were angels and the word ‘strange flesh’ could mean that rather than opposite sex.

    So you are saying that you were persuaded to think that there was some distance worth travelling, linguistically and scripturally, in persuing the fetted idea that Holy Angels might be Fallen Angels because some nutter posted his put…[Read more]

  • I guess we could test the theory that Enoch was the first man to fly… in a chariot!

    The reality is rather more ‘down to earth’!

    Enoch died in a whirlwind that took his body miles away where no one ever found it – buried under mounds of desert sand, perhaps.

    Yet many will ‘Test the Spirit’ that he ‘Never died and was taken up to heaven’……[Read more]

  • Hey I apologise if you were offended by that video, but I will continue to post up videos that both support or counter viewpoints. I am interested in the truth.

    Who’s ‘viewpoint’ was it that the holy angels sent to LOT might have been Fallen Angels?

  • You suggest that they died again, but the plan of God is not to die twice, but to be alive forever more. It seems logical that Jesus took the keys of death and freed the captives. These captives were released to the Earth like Jesus, and then Jesus was resurrected. While it doesn’t specifically state what happened to these particular saints, it s…[Read more]

  • I think you should drop this, lest you concentrate on this too much and end up philosophising.

    t8, that’s very funny… I’m testing YOUR THEORY!!

    In any case, is it really necessary to ‘test the theory’ of something like:

    1) The wicked men in Sodom thought the ‘men’ residing that night with LOT were ‘Fallen Angels’?

    2) That even if they knew…[Read more]

  • Once Saved – Always Saved

    There are two possible aspects to this saying… The truth depends on the context of the verse:

    1) Jesus has eternally saved us from the eternal sin of Adam. This ‘Once saved’ is an ‘Always Saved’

    2) A person saved from ‘Personal Sin’ (I.e. Not in the category of point 1 above) is always saved UNTIL they sin…[Read more]

  • I like to know the other theories out there, even just for the purpose of knowing how to rebuke it if I come across it again. But also that I might actually learn something new too.

    t8, then you will spend your whole life in researching these negative theories. This is called, ‘Phylosophising’.

    Proving (or Unproving) a negative is like a dog…[Read more]

  • BTW, I think this is the sixth post now about discussing why I should not discuss that video. That is three times as much discussion.

    t8, ok I agree about ‘testing all thing’. As for the number of replies and comments as you outline above, that’s nothing unique here: How much ‘twittering’ is generated over some pointless trivial celebrity possibly…[Read more]

  • 16) Holy Angels MUST fulfil the task set to them by God…. God’s word must be fulfilled lest it be seen as issued in vain.

  • So what have we learnt about ‘Sons of God’?

    Preface definition: ‘Son’ means ‘Him, the lesser, who does the works of him, the greater, who gave the works’.

    1) All creations of God that are sentient Spirits are Sons of God

    2) These are two: Angels (Spirit), and, Humans (Flesh with Spirit in the image of God, their creator)

    3) Angel sons of God,…[Read more]

  • I believe a truth seeker really wants the truth, and are not there to say they are right and I told you so. As such, they look high and low for the truth. Even when they have it, they test it and test the doctrine and the teachers. It is the wise thing to do.

    t8, I agree with this – but did the video present anything that was challenging that…[Read more]

  • t8, those ‘woken from their graves’ are not true resurrections. Those people would still go on to die again. Have you considered that although Jesus raised several people from the ‘dead’, notably Lazarus, these people are NOT ALIVE today…

    The true and everlasting first resurrection is YET to take place.

  • ‘be LIKE the Angels’… Not ‘BE Angels’.

    This is the same error many make when the scriptures says that ‘the Holy Spirit alighted on Jesus LIKE a Dove.’ Many many many, even after being enlightened, still say that the Holy Spirit WAS a Dove!!

    The APOSTLES and the ELECT of God, it is those who will ‘BE LIKE THE ANGELS’. Many, too many, people…[Read more]

  • t8, what drew you to pick that video to ‘discuss’?

    Did it seem like the ‘Dude’ MAY have had some TRUTH about Angels and Sons of God?

    For me, I don’t see anything that would draw me to view it in full after the first load of nonsense, let alone create a discussion about how wrong he was – especially when he cannot respond!!

    This is one of the…[Read more]

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