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    Deg4….a pillar is simply a support that helps carry weight, the mantel or crust of the earth can be considered as a pillar, so whats that got to do with a “FLAT EARTH?

    I THINK THE PARNOIA may be more the problem here, seening ever thing you guys have produced has already be disproven over and over, and seeing you guys also believe in othwr…[Read more]

  • Anthony, the Gnostic’s at the time of Paul and John only had one view and that was that Jesus was a God sent from the pelora of the GOD’S. ALSO that he was only desguised as a manm but was really a GOD. THE denied his need to recieve the anointibg spirit, reasoning that he was already GOD, and so did not need to baptized and recieve the spirit of…[Read more]

  • To all….THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST, is the spirit of the anointing. The anointing spirit of God, which Jesus recieved at the Jordan river when his was baptized.

    Peace and love to you all and yours. ……gene

  • ANTHONY, I NEVER SAID Jesus is a GOD, I have been arguing aganst that for over 50 yars now, i do not believe Jesus is a God and preexisted at all nor do ibelieve he was just desguised as a human ast h e taught. No if any fit their beliefs here it you, because you as they believe Jesus came fromthe pelora as a GOD OR A DEMIGOD OF SOME KIND, i never…[Read more]

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    T8….The guy i know was also a regular marajuana user to, interesting. Hay Mike do you and Dg4, use marajuana regulary? I have heard reports that it can produce parnoid side effects.

    Just courious Mike and Dg4, not trying to accuse you guy’s of it.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …..gene

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    Mike…vapor trails are a result, of mosture in the air going through a super heated jet engine, and turning to steam, the heart from thoses engines caust “vapor” trails, espically where the atmospheric conditions contain a lot of mosture, just like if you boil water it turns to steam as it condenses.

    It has nothibg to do with chimicals our…[Read more]

  • Anthony. ..your mixing up the GNOSTIC’S OF TODAY, WITH THE GNOSTIC’S OF THE APOSTLES DAY, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GROUPS AND THERE BELIFS. I have studied in depth about the gnostics of the apostles day and there teachings are completely different then those of today,

    Peace and love to you and yours. …..gene

  • Anthony…..you still do not get it, the Jews of that day trusted that because they were decedents of Abraham they had a spical connection with GOD, JESUS was simply telling them he is more important to them then Abraham is. The actual original Greek text says as i remember, says “i am before Abraham” and was given in more of a sense of importance…[Read more]

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    Dig4…..it has been presented many many time, but what good is it, proof not the issue it you chose tobelieves lies it’s mental orientation, if an actual astronaut was right in front of you telling you it would make no difference to you, i actuallbelieve if you yoursel were onrhe ISS, SEEING IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES , YOU STILL WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT…[Read more]

  • Anthony. ..what Nick has said is right brother.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …..gene

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    Deg4….’my” evidence no not my thousand of scientest, astronauts, astronomers, space missions, ISSS PICTURES, NOT EVEN TO MENTION THOUSANDS OF PROOF, ON THE INTERNETS BY PEOPLE FAR MORE ADVANCED IN THESE DECIPLINES THEN YOU OR I EVER WERE. Just look at the proof of people here have produced like myself and T8. NO dig4, it’s you people who have…[Read more]

  • Anthony. …saying i am before a person is not the same as saying i was “born” before that person. If we were in a line and i was in front of you could not i say, before Anthony i am, that would have nothing to do with me being born before you now would it. In fact, if i were to reference a berth i would say i was “born” before you, so would have…[Read more]

  • Anthony. ..those Pharisies alway misunderstoof Jesus, because it was not given to them to understand t h e truth of God, Jesus spoke to them only in parables so they wouldn’t understand what he was saying, the hearing they hear not, and seening they see not, as Isiah the prophets said.

    Had Jesus meant he was alive before ABRAHAM he wouls have…[Read more]

  • Anthony. …your mixing up what present day Gnostic’s say, with the Gnostic’s of PAUL AND JOHNS DAY SAID.

    Your also mixing up the two covenants the old , where God was a husband to the ISREALITES. That old covenant is not the same as the new covenant.

    You also add words to what is written in scripture to try to shore up your doctrines. No…[Read more]


    Peace and love to you and yours. ……gene

  • Anthony. …in fact if it wasen’t a man just like me, infact exactly like me that did not sin, his death could never take away sins, for by man sin intered into this world and by a man it was atoned fore. But yoybelieve it was a a preexisting God or demagod of some kind that did it.

    Moving Jesus’ (exact idenity) with mankind in any way denys not…[Read more]

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    Dig4….you would much better of finding out how parania effects the brains thinking.
    Can you produce “one” Ortopcy report of aluminum oxide posining, your chemtrail buddies are saying thats it’s being used to reducing the earths populations. Are all these different airlines in a conspiracy to decieve us all about it?, well it will really reduce…[Read more]

  • Anthony. . Show us a single scripture where Jesus ever sai, “I was (alive) before Abraham.” Jesus saying I am before Abraham, is a far cry from saying he was “ALIVE” before Abraham was. But trinitarians are good at streaching the truth to fit their doctrines, arn’t they?

    2 comandment….”You shall have (NÒ) other God besides me.” But you…[Read more]

  • Anthony , yes no man can be justified by works (of law) not by the works of “the law. That another trinitarian corruption of scriptures, just check it ou from ORIGINAL Greek translation.

    What you have to understand is the way “law” works, it works through “forced compliance” much like our speed laws work, it you violate them you are punished,…[Read more]

  • Anthony. …No, Jesus never said he preexisted his berth on this earth,

    The glory he had was a reserved glory prophesied that he would have, just as we are.

    “What is man that thou art mindfull of him, thou has made him a “little” lower then the angels, but (HAS) crowned him with “GLORY’ and “HONOUR “, and has but “ALL” THING UNDER HIS FEET.,…[Read more]

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