• Jodi….They simply do not get it sis. Very good post and explanations along with it, You have done all you could do. The called and chosen understandwhat you are saying, the rest never have had it in the first place,  their understanding is darkened.  If the Spirit of truth was in them they would be rejoicing in what you have written.

    Peace a…[Read more]


    The Gnostic’s we…[Read more]

  • Nick…..if you going to say I said something please say it right, I said the body with the spirit of life in it was a living soul, so does scripture, Gen 2:7.

    Scripture also said there are seven spirit of God, Rev 3:1, Rev 4:5,  now if you believe God who is spirit as Jesus said, was in him, then how was he in him, if not by his seven spirits.…[Read more]

  • GeneBalthrop replied to the topic Gullibility Test in the forum View Points 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Nike……what this got to do with anything, about the flat earth, you espouse. No one cares if what Hawings machine was doing or not.  There are many thing people don’t know about clearly, unless they go and explore them in depht. Being gullible about such things dosen’t apply to those thing we don’t care about. It thing like ” chemtrails, flat…[Read more]

  • TC….what the point, you are unable to even take direct scriptures and believe them without changing them to fit your personal dogmas. It you can’t even understand simple clear scriptures without changing them,  whats the point ?


    Jodi and I have both descussed yours with you, and posted to you clear scriptures but you have fail to descuss…[Read more]

  • TC…..you said all the words in parented are your even if you completely change word and meanings, we do agree with you on that. As Jodi told you you can make the bible say anything If you switch meanings around. You rely on your own ability to get your understandings, we rely on the “SPIRIT OF TRUTH”,  we have recieved from God to reveal the…[Read more]

  • TC…..SO you did not say Jesus dumped his body going to heaven? What the difference you still say he is no longer a flesh and bone bodied man, so whats the difference.  Show us how a body is changed to spirit, and still be a “body” of anykind. You force the text to say what in fact it dosen’t say.

    Who said you said, spirits were drifting…[Read more]

  • Nick…..none of that say a ” body” is changed to a spirit or even exchanged for one. It say s this “mortal’ must “put on” immortality. GET IT, the only being changed is from a mortal (BODY) to a immortal (BODY) bodies are not spirits.

    Peace and love to you and yours ……..gene

  • TC…. SPIRITS are not “bodies” bodies are visible objects, SPIRIT are what inhabit bodies,   and no scripture say Jesus dumped his body on the way to heaven , that is just you and others speculations, you people offer no scriptural proof.

    When the apostles thought he was a spirit that appeared to them after he was resurected, what did he say?, “…[Read more]

  • TC…..There are “seven spirits of God” all seven act as one.  ONE GOD WHO IS COMPOSED OF  SEVEN SPIRITS, hence a uni-plural. JUST AS A MAN IS COMPOSED OF SEVERAL MEMBERS WORKING AS ONE, SO I BELIEVE IS GOD, GOD IS SPIRIT HAVING SEVEN SPIRITS WITH POWERS ,THAT HE USES IN CREATION. So he could have been relating to his seven spirits.

    Peace and l…[Read more]

  • TC…..I agree with Jodi, you are teaching falsehood. Your ‘essence’ arguments are simply your renditions, and are not proven nor grounded in scriptures, your switching subject matter of what Paul was actually saying to fit your own formulated doctrines. Forcing text is bad form TC. We try to draw our understandings from both the new and the old…[Read more]

  • Truthcomber. …..The change Paul is talking about is not a different “kind” of body ,but our same bodies are changed  from “mortal” to “inmortal”, just as he said, “for this corruptible must put “ON” incoruption, so whats being changed?, our present bodies from (coruption to incoruption) where does it say the body itself is done away with.

    Rom…[Read more]

  • NICK…..No , but I think GOD IS PLEASED WITH WHAT HE HAS ALREADY MADE, NO NEED TO CHANGE MANKIND INTO A  Completely, DIFFERENT CREATURE. As you think. I would say it is you who are limiting God, not me brother. You see I believe, my God is quiet able to perfect his human creation, and our example is Jesus. You on the other hand believe he must…[Read more]

  • Dig4truth. ….Well then who was saved by Jesus at his berth., seening  you believe he was “aleady” a savior at berth, please list just one person he ever had saved at berth, surely you can right?  Notice how the angel said it, there is “born”  a savior, thats a prophetic statement, looking to a futube event. If we say a royal couple has a son, an…[Read more]

  • Nick,  where did I say the new body was the seed.  No the seed is within the old body,  it is it’s life source, just as a grain of wheat or corn’s life source is the seed. It will never create a different kind of plant. Neither will the life source in us produce a different kind of body.  The seed produces the same “kind” of body,  but if it has…[Read more]

  • Nick.. ..what Jodi is saying is right brother. We are all waiting for “the resurection, that will witness the ” REDEMPTION OF OUR “BODIES”.  THE NEW  BODIES WE RECIEVE AT THE RESURECTION. But those bodies the are from the same seed , but regenerated, just as a seed of grain, or wheat, or corn, the seed regenerates new exact same bodies they came f…[Read more]

  • To all….Unto each is given A “MEASURE” OF “FAITH”. many of those who began with little faith, ended up with great faith, Like Peter,  Steven,.. We are told ” to grow in knowledge and Faith”

    Rom 12:3…..For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to…[Read more]

  • Nick……JESUS SAID, John 6: 63….. “it is the Spirit that quickens; the flesh prophets nothing: the words I speak unto you,they are Spirit and are life”, that alone should clarify it for you, but  he also said,

    John 14:10……” believes you not that I am in the Father and the Father is “in” me?, the ‘WORDS’ that I Speak unto you, I speak not…[Read more]

  • Nick…..No word “IS” FLESH, even our words are not flesh,   God is a Spirit, that is  if you believe Jesus,   the word who is God “came to be”,  “IN” the flesh man Jesus, by the anointing he recieved at the Jordan.  But the word itself “never” became flesh. No word can “BE” FLESH,  BUT IT CAN EXIST “IN” FLESH.

    God used Jesus’ body as a temple…[Read more]

  • Nick. …..You would do much better to listening to what were saying,  instead of trying  to trash it. You really don’t full understand yet what you think you do brother.

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

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