• Mike….FIRST COMMANDMENT, … “thou shall have “no” other God besides me, you shall make no “image” of me in heaven above or in earth beneath”. The human man Jesus being preached as a God is a sin it breakes the first commandment. Go read 2 ths 2, that man of sin there is not a real man it is a “LIE”, A FALSE “IMAGE” OF Jesus, who is being…[Read more]

  • GeneBalthrop replied to the topic Flat Earth? in the forum View Points 3 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Mike…the fact that there is a difference time period of light anywhere on earth at the “same” time. And these light angles can be measured at any point on earth at the same time shows that the earth is round and moving on an axes.

    Moving a light back and forwards across a flat plane would not give you the same results, because the light…[Read more]

  • GeneBalthrop replied to the topic Flat Earth? in the forum View Points 10 hours, 49 minutes ago

    Mike….tell me this, if the earth is flat as the theory postulates, then why does the day light keep changing back and forth through out the year, north pole for instances goes from almost complete darkness to nearly complete light, through our lunar travel around the sun? Does that not prove we are round and we are traveling around the sun at a…[Read more]

  • Lu….If God were to speak through you, would that make you a God? God said this, “God is “not” a man, that he should lie, nor a “son of man” that he should repent. Jesus on the other hand said he was a “son of man” over 50 times. Seems you have a problem to explain, also here is another, “UNTO US THERE IS BUT “ONE” GOD, ONE MEDERATOR BETWEEN GOD…[Read more]

  • LU…..none of us existed before we were “concieved”, in the womb, same with Jesus. Not a single scripture show any activity of Jesus before his berth on this earth. Come out of the false teachings of trinitarians Gnostic’s. There is but “ONE” God and “ONE” MEDERATOR between that one God and Man, THE “MAN” JESUS”, NOT THE God Jesus as you…[Read more]

  • T8….You seem to have trouble with the wording, JESUS CHRIST, INSTEAD OF JESUS THE CHRIST. Why not get a original Greek Translation, and you will see the wording is always “Jesus (THE) Christ”, Not “JESUS CHRIST”.

    DON’T JUST BELIEVE ME, listen to what Jodi posted and Nick. Your “preexisting” views of Jesus is preventing you from seeing Jesus…[Read more]


    Peace and love to you and yours. ……gene

  • GeneBalthrop replied to the topic Flat Earth? in the forum View Points 1 day, 23 hours ago

    Mikeboll64. ….when pictures taken from space of earth it shows as round, not flat, so how do does the flat theory account for that? I do think we are moving in a vortex , the earth has three movements going on at one time, it spins on its axes at 24000 mph, it rotates around the sun at about 67,000 mph, and also moving through the galaxy at i…[Read more]

  • To all….it is not Jesus the anointed that builds the church, nor is he the “Rock” THAT BUILDS THE CHURCH. It is God the Father that builds the church. DID not Jesus say “no man “CAN COME UNTO ME” UNLESS THE FATHER DRAW HIM”? JESUS was not that “ROCK” that followed Isreal in the wilderness, it was God the Father, WHO IS SPIRIT, THAT WAS…[Read more]

  • Mikeboil….I know Kerwin had a bad kidney problem, and would have to go in for treatments at times. I hope he is ok, something we can all pry about, perhaps the Lord will cause him to come back, hope so, same with all others to. This is a site that CAN truly sharpens us all up. JESUS SAID WE WOULD BE TRIED BY FIRE (INTENSE JUDGEMENTS)

    Remember…[Read more]

  • T8….You need to check out what a MESSIAH is. You seem to not truly understand it, a MESSIAH IS NOT BORN THAT, even though that may be his or her destiny. A Messiah is first born a human being, and after that, he or she, MUST BE ANOINTED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD AS MOSES, JESUS, WAS WELL AS JOSHUA, CALEB, THE 70 ELDERS, SAUL, KING DAVID, ETC. NO…[Read more]

  • Jael, good to hear you brother, yes i believe The word of God which is God came to be “in” THE MAN Jesus, i do not believe the word actually became flesh, because God who is “spirit” was “in” the “man” Jesus . While spirits can live in “flesh” they can never be flesh. Jesus was indeed the servant and son of the Living God, who God the Father…[Read more]

  • Miia, well said, Jesus told us to have salt in ourselves and peace also, so we all need to be ourselves, but still maintain peace and love for one another, especially those of the house hold of God. IMO

    peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

  • T8….It takes more than one misunderstood scripture to make a true point, espically when some of the words used there have many, many different meanings in the Greek language, you must put all scriptures together to find truth. Many scriptures show Jesus never created anything, Jesus never said once he created anything or anything about his life…[Read more]

  • T8….what do you do with scriptures that say “God was “in” Jesus reconciling the world unto himself”. And again where jesus said, the son of man can do “nothing” of himself, the Father who is in him “he” does the works”. And again , “the words i am telling you are “not” my words but the words of him who sent me.

    T8, tell us who spoke this, “…[Read more]

  • GeneBalthrop replied to the topic Is Hell eternal? in the forum Truth or Tradition 5 days ago

    Nick….To me the best scriptures that clearly explains it, is John 5:24-29

    Notice what Jesus say about hearing his words (and) believes on him that sent him, (God the Father) has (present tense) everlasting life and shall not come to condemnation; but is passed (present tense) death unto life.

    Verse 25, deals with those who are spiritualy dead…[Read more]

  • Nick…You need to read more, “though he die” (yet) shall he live. As i recall Jesus said that also, so Jesus was speaking from what you quote from the point of eternal death, or “parishing” not a temporal death. That he often compared to a sleep state, Nick when a man dies he ceases to funtion in any capacity other scriptures support that also,…[Read more]

  • Nick….They are not to separate things being mentioned there, it is speaking about the same thing, Jesus soul, his complete being, a body and breath of life in it. When a man dies his thoughts “parish”, i hardly think that means still living Nick. That is what those scriptures are saying to me. Why even have a resurection if it is not needed?…[Read more]


    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

  • Nick… No scripture says Jesus’ “soul” left his body, that is a speculation brother on your part, not scripturally written. There is not a scripture that says a soul ever leaves a body, because a soul is a body with the breath of life “in” it, according to scriptures. Is it not prophesied in scripture, that God would not leave Jesus’ soul in…[Read more]

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