• TC…..So Jesus lied when he said we should pray “Our Father” which art in heaven? And where the bible say “AN ADAM THE “SON” OF GOD’.  And when Jesus said to them I am going to my father “and” Your father, my God “and” Your God. That was before pentocost when those words were spoken, there are even more “Your Father who is in heaven knows you…[Read more]

  • T8…..when it comes to Jesus ‘ berth he was “EXACTLY” the same as us, he had to be to fulfill prophesy. You keep trying to make him different then us, the only spirit from God at berth,  was the same spirit we have from God at our berth,  JESUS was a flesh and blood human being “exact” in every way as we’re are when we are born.

    He was not “…[Read more]

  • TC…..following you logic , should we say that the prophets were also the same as Jesus?  Because scripture say clearly  THAT IN TIMES PAST GOD SPOKE TO US “by” THE PROPHETS, so tell us were they also the word of GOD, themselves as you say  Jesus was ?

    Seening God spoke “BY” them also.

    Heb 1:1-2…… God, who at Sunday times and in divers ma…[Read more]

  • Jodi…..true, God bless and keep you and yours……….gene

  • Jodi…..You have explained it clearly, for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.  It is impossible to open the eyes of those whom God has sent a deluding spirit into, inorder for them to believe a LIE.  You have answered every question TC has put to you, both clearly and accurately,  now he does not want to descuss it any longer,  he has…[Read more]

  • Dig4truth. …..Where did I ever “Condemn” Anthony?,   because I disagree with some of the things he says, does not have anything to do with me  condemning him.  I am not his judge or anyone else’s either.  Any scriptures I quote applies to me just as well as to the person I am quoting it to. You either believe what Jesus said to us all or not.…[Read more]

  • Amthony…….remember,  “wide is the way that leads to destruction and MANY GO IN THREAT there of,  but narrow is the gate, and straight is the way that leads to everlasting life, FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT.  Are you with the MANY or the FEW?

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

  • Anthony, your so steeped in false christanity traditions,  you simply can’t understand what we are telling you, repent and start over,  ask God to show you, and seek it from the spirit of truth.  It can be reavealed unto you through the spirit, quiet following false human reasonings.

    Peace and love to you and yours  ………gene

  • T8,  YES HE CAN,……  When  a man dies this is what happens, his living soul “parishes”, his spirit returns to him that gave it,  he is no longer a living soul, UNTILL HE OR SHE IS RESURECTED, then given a new body and spirit of life put back into it, and we becomes a living soul again,   but in the  second resurection the body is rejoin…[Read more]

  • Anthony…..Good post, yes those words HADES , SHEOL. HELL, all simply mean the GRAVE.  Not a place where the dead are still alive. Good job.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……..gene

  • Anthony……Your not seening God the Father “IN”,  THE “MAN” JESUS.  It was God the Father doing all the mericals JESUS was the “MAN” God the Father was working through, just as MOSES ALSO WAS THE “MAN” God the Father was working through, you seem to not understand that it is GOD THE FATHER “IN” US that works to will and do of “HIS” good p…[Read more]

  • Anthony…….Your very first statement show you are not connected with Jesus as the anointed one of God,   You make him completely different then us,  by the way Jesus was not the only one who walked on water, Peter did to, his was not the only one that God raised the dead  either, PAUL, PETER, AND OTHERS HAVE TOO.  Jesus was not the only one…[Read more]

  • TC….You said being anointed withthe holy spirit did not mean Jesus  did not already have the spirit “in” him. You have it completely backwards, GOD SPIRIT WAS “ON” HIM, WATCHING OVER HIM FROM THE START, BUT CAME TO BE “IN” HIM AT THE ANOINTING BY JOHN THE BAPTIST. Thats when the word came to be “in” the flesh, the flesh man Jesus.

    THE SAME…[Read more]

  • Anthony, there are may scriptures that prove Jesus was a decent of king David, infact JESUS HIMSELF SAID HE WAS.  Face the truth you simply do not believe scriptures , you are forcing scriptures to say what infact they do not say.

    The problem here is when God has sent a deluding spirit into a man inorder to believe  a “LIE”  , it is impossible th…[Read more]

  • Jodi…..BEAUTIFULLY PUT, but they just don’t get it. There God is Jesus , our God and JESUS’  God,  is God the Father, who he trusted in AS we also trust in.  We are growing IN SPIRIT to be one with JESUS AND THE FATHER, they are not, because they cannot TRULY relate with, our lord and brother Jesus,  whom GOD THE FATHER RAISED FROM THE DEA…[Read more]

  • Anthony……when I say Jesus was a son of man I mean the same as we are , we are all sons of man  ‘meaning son of mankind’ which means he was a flesh and blood human being, born through same berth process as we are.  When I say he was an ordinary human being,  it’s referencing his physical makeup his human roots, it had nothing  to do with his…[Read more]

  • Anthony,  everyone here but you knows what a son of man means. Do you really think we are that stupid?,   son of man is not a title either as you supose,  a “son of man” is exactly what his is.  It has  nothing to do with somekind of title.

    Man to what extent you preexistiners will go to, to spread you “mystery religion “.  There exist not a sing…[Read more]

  • TC…..You certanily have that right, JESUS is the firstborn of the ‘new  creation’ of God, and all things are made for him and  for all who have the anointing  Spirit of God on them at their resurection,   JESUS THE FIRST FRUIT, AND WE AT HIS COMMING. ALL Things are made for MANKIND, JESUS FIRST THEN THE REST AT THE RESURECTION.

    Heb 2:5-…[Read more]

  • Anthony, TC……talk about “mystery religion”, man, I never saw so much added to scriptures as you people are adding,  to push you preexistence thelogies,  why not use the most simple reasons, the reason Melchizedek’s genogoligy was not known ,was because it was not given,  that does not mean he did not have one, it just was not given in sc…[Read more]

  • T8…..so you deny all the other scripture that show that God “himself” created the world and everything in it.  You hang up is on the word (through) , it has other meanings that could apply , like for instance ‘for the sake of’  or for the purpose of the resurected JESUS, and the resurected, who will inherit eternal life. That was his overall p…[Read more]

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