The love of money is a root of all evil

Money is a root of all evil

Money is neither good or evil It is an effective exchange for goods, and a much better system than barter. Not everybody wants to swap things for my chickens right? But when you love money more than anything else, then you will do many evil things.

You might harm the environment; because it is cheaper to do things that harm the environment than do them and protect the environment.

You might rip people off; because you love money more than the people you rip off. (Unless you also fear the law of course.)

You will cut corners; because you love the money you save from not making something safe or well designed.

But if you love people and the environment more than money, then you will use money to do good for both these. And if you love God, then your money will be used to further his Kingdom. It is then that you have mastered money rather than money being your master.

It is written that you cannot serve money and God. However, serving money means you will put money first, and that my friend is the world in which you live. A world where people are ripped off, a world where people are killed for profit, and a world where the environment is destroyed. A world where people care more for the mighty dollar than others and God.

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    understand that you do not have to be rich or have much money to LOVE MONEY OVER GOD

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