Is this the future of the USA?

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    And here is a series of dreams I received that seem to line up with the content in the video.

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    Quote (t8 @ June 07 2013,08:44)

    The beast of revelation 13(the 10horns;kings) is cuasing chaos in the world,not only america. Then introduce the false prophet, the beast with the two horns like a lamb;(rev13:11), he will bring peace in the world for a very short time.(The scripture says one hour).
    And the people will be relieved, and accept him as a peace maker and messiah.

    Then he will enforce his mark on all people on this planet;
    And starve the ones that will not receive his mark,or have them killed.Then he Will attack israel,to build his temple.
    And destroy the shi'it dome.
    He has a secret agreement with israel.(a covenant with death).(isaiah 28:15).

    Then the medes and his dominion(iran and allies) will stand up.(Jer.51:11). Iranians are shi'it muslems, all shi'it muslems will stand up; or maybe all muslems. This will be the 3rd ww.

    But God said, that the fase prophet will only be given power for 3/half years.(Dan.7:25). Then he and his empire, will be cast in the lake of fire,at the coming. (rev.19:20).This will be armageddon.

    Our only protection is faith In Jesus.
    And to refuse that mark, no matter what they do to the flesh,but can not touch the soul.

    He who saves his life shall loose it;but he that loses his life for my sake will find life.

    You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,with all your soul,with all your strenght,and with all your mind.

    This means that we must love God more than ourselves, and also family. Not easy; if our knowledge is minimal.
    Many will fall to feed their belly,and can not stand the sufferings of self; and family.

    Just remember Jesus sufferings on the cross for us.
    He that overcomes will inherit the kingdom of God for ever.
    It is really not a too big price to pay,considering the reward we get.

    This video will open the eyes of many that are at ease.
    Nice and warm in their nests with no eggs,because they have been robbed of knowledge.
    *My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge*.


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    this is over 2 hours long and bit old, but Ken Peters had vision of tribulation in 80s – one thing made me think of this again was the military vehicles now used in USA, he saw these same vehicles years ago..

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    Yeah the older the video the better because it shows he had less cues to imagine it himself.

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