Has feminism gone too far?

Christina Hoff Sommers criticizes feminist driven public policies that not only favor girls’ development at the expense of boys, but also sees boys as fundamentally pathological.

Has feminism changed from a movement for equality to a movement toward superiority? It seems that Social Justice these days is not really about justice, but more about revenge. What do you think?

The video below looks to give a more rounded view on the influence of feminism in education. Christina Hoff Sommers even goes as far to say that young boys in school are not considered politically correct by the system, thus they are not well looked after and supported. The stats show that women, not men are doing better in education by an ever-increasing margin, yet where is the help for boys in education, all the while there is still much help for their female counterparts.

This video also proves another point. That men and boys seem dependent on women to speak up for them and determine what is “fair”. It is generally considered not politically correct for men to speak up for men or boys, so it has been left for women to do it. Perhaps true equality is impossible in a sinful world. Humans are just too selfish, so the pendulum swings from one group to another without ever obtaining true equality. What are the spiritual implications of political correctness and the lack of help for men and boys in education and society. Hopefully a decent and fruitful discussion can ensue rather than a shouting match where biased groups debate for their own interests only.

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    Amazing that there was no topic on feminism. It is one of the great movements in Western society, and while it purports to being about equal rights, many argue that it is really just a hate movement against men and the family too. What do you think? I post this meme to spark some debate on the subject.

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