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Paul said to the Corinthians, “For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:.. But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;”.

Paul knew Jesus by divine revelation. He also preferred to associate his message not with persuasive words of wisdom that the Greeks loved, but with the Holy Spirit and the power of God.

But in time, how much influence did the Greeks have on the development of doctrines in Christianity? Quite a lot as it turns out.

A writing called “Created or Uncreated” shows the influence Greek wisdom had on some doctrines of Christianity, including one of the biggest doctrines of all.

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    I have found that people are very confused as to the idea of the unity that some call ‘the Godhead.’ They think that to be ‘begotten’ which can simply mean to be ‘brought forth as an offspring’ would mean that the offspring did not exist before being ‘begotten/brought forth.’ That simply is not necessarily so. Even human earthly beings existed for about nine months before being ‘begotten/brought forth.’ Then consider that those same earthly beings had half of their DNA in existence in the ovum within their mother when she was born. So, all that to say, the only begotten Son was never said to have been conceived before the ages, it just says that He was begotten. Being begotten/brought forth doesn’t mean that He did not exist eternally within before being brought forth.

    Also, people are confused about how Jesus can be a part of a unity or Godhead when He has a ‘head.’ The common Christian church understands that there are differences of authority within the unity or Godhead. Earthly examples of unities have differing levels of authority, for instance, the husband is the head of the wife yet they are one…a unity.

    So, in conclusion, the fact that Jesus is the only begotten Son does not mean that He did not exist eternally within the Father in some manner, before He was begotten.

    And, the fact that Jesus has God as His authority doesn’t mean that Jehovah is just God but also Lord and the Unity or Godhead who is both God and Lord has a difference in position. One is the Father and the other is the Son, the Father would naturally be the ‘head’ of the Son.

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    Many try to say that more than one is God.

    History shows that a Binity preceded the Trinity if you look at history.

    However according to Paul he says,
    “for us there is one God the Father and one lord the lord Jesus Christ”.

    You are saying that there is one God the Father and Son.

    Your view is at odds with Paul.

    And your view is at odds with Jesus as he said:
    “May they know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent”.

    This of course is not an exhaustive list to prove that the Father is the only true God. No you only have to read every verse where the word God is mentioned. Try replacing it for Binity or Trinity and watch the scriptures break.

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    Paul does say that there is:
    One God, the Father
    One Lord, Jesus Christ

    Revelations clearly tell us that Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords.

    The OT tells us that Jehovah is:
    The God of gods
    The Lord of lords

    You would have us think that Jehovah changed from being the God of gods AND the Lord of lords to being just the God of gods. You seem to think that the Lord of lords is no longer Jehovah.

    When did Jehovah stop being the Lord of lords?

    Also, your trinity test is flawed because it doesn’t allow for replacing ‘God’ with just the Father or just Jesus as is sometimes the case. The unity is not always being referred to.

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    Just a play on words. Scripture is clear. There is one God the Father and Jesus built his church on the truth that he is the son of God and the messiah. The enemy is attacking these truths with all that he can throw at them. I would be careful about whose side you were on here because ultimately, the enemy cannot prevail.

    “Upon this rock I will build my Church.”

    What truth?

    That Jesus is the son of God and the messiah. It is the enemy that attacks this rock. If you try to destroy this rock, instead you will find yourself being crushed by this rock.

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    The old testament does proclaim Jehovah as God of gods and Lord of lords this is true. To us we have a king and savour who is lord over us and proclaimed to be our Lord. But to the Christ, his Father was above everything including himself. So his Father is his God and Lord for He is above all else and even the lord of lords (where christ would be categorized). It is a very weak argument to say Christ Jesus is God because we call him our lord and so he must automatically inherit the spot of lord of lords that’s described in the old testament in regards to Jehovah.

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