God’s spirit moves in waves

Waiting for a wave

God’s spirit moves in waves. We can ride the front of the wave which looks dangerous, but this is where the power is, or we can stay behind and wallow with the masses in the troughs.


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    Wakeup, you are so pessimistic. Try being a bit optimistic. It helps, trust me.

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    Without love you have nothing. Clanging gong.

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    Still going after the messenger, instead of the message.
    This is the reason why all the prophets and apostles are killed, because of their message.
    Elijah had to flee from the sword, because of His massage.
    The dragon used his sword to try to kill the messenger as soon as He was born, because the dragon is spiritually void.
    In the last days ;the dragon will again use his sword to kill all the true believers.
    One can not, nor will not, change the message given: just to compromise and be loved.
    That is called compromising; and I am not to compromise truth with untruth. Anyone can call me as they choose.

    Daniel 11:34 Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help: but many shall cleave to them with flatteries. This is called compromising with the enemy.

    Many seem to have that same policy hidden deep inside.
    If one is made to feel naked; just use the sword, and go for the messenger.
    Or just use the word; judge. You are judging others. You try to correct them and they say; you are judging.
    Personal attacks counts for Zero. Scriptural attacks can benefit a lot.
    The true believers are the dragon’s greatest enemies: the compromisers are fine with him.

    To attack the messenger is the dragon’s way of doing business.


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    Hi Wakeup.

    To make a long story short: I had reason to feel pessimistic in my past. However, eventually, God appeared in my life, and I had much reason for joy. Eventually, I forgot the power of God and all God had done. I fell back into pessimism, and failed to see, (became blind). However, just the other day, I opened my eyes again to what God had done, what blessings I had. And the verse “choose this day whom you will serve” came to me.
    Count your blessings, and look for opportunity in every situation, no matter how bad it may be. See the light in others!

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    Hi WU,

     You think you are an appointed messenger of God?

    No wonder you have such faith in yourself.


     But is the light darkness??

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