God sends them strong delusion


God hands people over delusions when they push against his truth.

He resists them for a time, then let’s them go their way in hopes of teaching them a lesson when they end up in a wilderness of their own making.

Those that seek will find. Those that do not seek will instead end up deluded. God sends strong delusion to those that reject the truth because they rejected the truth and thus they choose anotther way but the truth.

So is God the one deluding them? No, they delude themselves with their dishonest search for truth. They have decided for themselves what they want to believe. They decide what reality fits their own desires best. God convicts them and sends people their way to help them, but in the end if they continue to reject him, he hands them over to believe strong delusions.

At some point they will realise that they have lived a lie. Whether that is in this life or in Judgement. Hopefully it is in this life that they have that sober moment which is the first step to repentance and works toward God.

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