God and our 5 senses

Where is God?  If he can’t be experienced by the 5 senses, how can we say he exists, and since this physical existence is all we know, how can we even talk about existing outside of our physical universe?

What is it that gives me awareness of my five senses?
I doubt that it is my five senses. It is my mind because my mind is me. I think therefore I am.

And physical existence is not all we know. When you dream, you enter experiences that are not part of this Universe. They are a product of your mind a sort of virtual reality. When you dream of a river, is that real molecules you see.

The mind is an awesome thing. It is us and we are in the Universe, but it is capable of things that are not physical or made up of atoms.

This could be understood as our minds being inter dimensional or not of this universe, but that the Universe is the reality that is displayed to us at the moment, a series of waves that are interpreted by our brain to be understood by the mind. Certainly some Quantum Physics experiments and ideas even hint at this.

All that you perceive with the 5 senses is actually perceived in the brain. It is not your eyes that see it is your mind. The pictures are all processed in your brain.

So is the Universe you gaze upon really like that? Or is it your consciousness that gives you that picture?

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