Worshipping the Saints

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    In the Scriptures many locations and places were set up to honour a great person … most often Yahweh: God Almighty – to Worship Almighty God!

    However, since the advent of the Apostles and subsequent Saints, many places and locations have been set up – not to worship Almighty God – but to venerate these Saints.

    There is in Ireland,Patrick; in Wales there is David, in Scotland there is … And England…

    All these and many more…including those to Angels, have become commonplace in the United Kingdom… All under the name of ‘Christianity’.

    It appears as though the British are ashamed of glorifying Almighty Gpd and would rather direct their spiritual worth towards man-made ‘Gods’.

    Do you know that on a recent survey, when asked what religion they were, the large majority of British people DID NOT ANSWER ‘Christian’ but rather sects of Christianity such as ‘Churchbof God’, ‘Anglican’, and ‘Pentecostal’.

    Is this commonplace in the rest of the world?

    Are we approaching the ‘Cooling Off’ of belief in God Almighty – and drifting back towards Heathenism while pretending we are still ‘God-Fearing’ but really prefer the worship of earthly created ‘Gods’?

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