Why challenge the Trinity Doctrine – The Trinity Doctrine

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    Why oppose the trinity doctrine?

    Because it is not of God. It denies our God and His Son. It tries to divide our God from His Spirit.

    It is a doctrine of demons begotten in the fertile imaginations of the lost.

    A foolish insult to the God of heaven and earth

    Avoid idolatry


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    Nick…The trinity is indeed a “IDOLATROUS” TEACHING, brought about by deluded people under Greek platonic influences Forcing our scriptural text to say what it Infact is not saying. Blind guides leading the blind through the fallen churches. The call of God Is to come out of her that they recieve not of her plagues, a (deluding spirit).

    Peace and love to you and yours. …….gene

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    Heb 1

    …in these last days God has spoken to us in His Son.

    Not a hard one.

    Not contesting this, lol.


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    Hi T8,

    If it leads to a dilemma dig deeper.

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