Why are there two deaths?

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    Hi t8,

    Are you not confusing Hades with the lake of fire?

    Hell is an unfortunate term.


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    Are you telling me this or repeating what I have said all along. lol.

    Yes, Death and Hades end in the Lake of Fire, the Second Death.

    Wicked souls existing in Hades for eternity is proven wrong by that scripture alone.

    Do you believe that the wicked will suffer for all eternity in Hades given that you are aware of Hades fate?

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    According to the Bible, The Second Death doesn’t allow anyone to be tormented in Hell for eternity as some think. It is written clearly in scripture that Hell is thrown into the Lake of Fire and the heavens and earth too. Then behold, there is a new earth and heavens and no more sin. God is good and only the righteous inherit eternal life. Some people think the Bible teaches that the wicked will have eternal life in hell, that is wrong on three points.

    1. The wicked do not inherit eternal life, (John 3:16).
    2. The human soul is not eternal, (Matthew 10:28);
    3. While Hell is a place of torment, it is not eternal as it is thrown into the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:14);

    Eternal judgement is what it says it is. It is a judgement that is eternal. If the wicked perish, it means they perish for eternity. They will never have life. But God has the last say in all things. While the soul that sins will die, God did find a way to save sinners.

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