Where did God come from?

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    I usually answer this question with an explanation on infinity. The idea that you can get an infinite or almost infinite amount of finite sets from infinity exists such as what we see in the universe. Let me explain. If there was nothing and something sprung from that, then this nothing can not be nothing, but must be something by reason of it doing something. Nothing cannot do anything. It cannot produce something. Thus only something can produce something if we stick to the true definition of these words.

    So what about the first something? Where did it come from? For obvious reasons, the very first something or prime mover has to be eternal or infinite. If it is not, then it must have come from nothing which is impossible by the definition of nothing. Further, this eternal something must also have within itself the attributes that it produced such as light, life, love, design, mathematics, and creative ability. If not, then these attributes came from nothing and again we know that nothing cannot produce love, life, design, or mathematics.

    Okay, but what about matter and antimatter. It equals zero or near it right? Even if this is the case, Infinity can produce a zero result from time to time. If I have 5 apples and eat five apples, then I am left with zero apples. No big deal. A measured zero result in the universe can easily be explained by an infinite prime mover.

    You may then ask, well why shoud this eternal something be God. Why can’t the universe itself be eternal? That is true. Maybe the universe is the eternal something that logic requires? Sure, it is a better answer than nothing. But it is still lacking. Love, mathematics, and the extremely narrow set of coincedences that make up our universe are much better explained by an eternal God than an eternral universe. Love and math spring from intellect, emotion, and a mind. A physical universe that is non aware cannot love and thus cannot produce love in the product it creates. A physical universe cannot be aware or live and thus how can it pass on these things?

    But you may further argue that the universe could be alive and could possess love. If that is your stance, then you believe in God. It is just that your picture of God is the universe rather than being a being than created the universe. Either way, both are beliefs in God. However, if you prefer your God to be the universe, then that is like saying that the creator of the computer is the computer. The creator of the computer doesn’t exist outside the computer, but is the computer. And the computer must be eternal because it cannot spring from nothing. Now replace the computer (thing) for the universe. Your logic also fails if you think the universe itself is God.

    For a different angle on this argument, see the video below. The speaker makes some very good points. If you have ears to listen, then listen.

    Where did God come from?? good answer!

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