Isaiah 41:18

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    Hi t8,

    You do not hear the Spirit speaking through him?

    The glorious vessel was born at Bethlehem and later named Jesus.


    The Word was with God and was God.

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    Nick, you have trouble answering yes or no to simple yes / no questions. According to scripture, this is because of collusion with the Evil One.

    All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

    Nick, life is too short to play the pride card. Humble thyself and let God exhalt you. Be honest in every question and situation. If conflicts arise, that is an opportunity to become better and iron out the wrinkles.  You give yourself great opportunity because you would be shining hte light and exposing that which needs to be better.

    But pride will hide your wickedness till Judgement Day or the Day of the LORD, when we all have to stand before him and give an account.

    Think of the time we have left as this day. Except, you have a chance to change the outcome which is grace. If you leave it because of pride, then you will give an account where you cannot change anything, not even add a dot to the letter I can you add. Anyone would be sorry that their heart was so hard if they did that. They forgot that it was themself that they hurt.

    Those who love are born of God, Nick. This is how you know a person who has been born from above. God is love and they will be like God.

    • Topics started 284
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    Hi T8,

    Judgement is not your appointed role.

    Look to yourself.


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