How did Evolution produce moral law?

Morals and moral laws come from a mind. They are not the result of blind chance. Just the same way that the theory of Evolution came from a mind. The differences being that the first mind is eternal and right and Darwin wasn’t either.

That said, the idea that Evolution creates morals is a joke. Adolph Hitler did everything to the Evolution book. Tried to displace supposed less evolved humans with superior ones and take over their ecosystems. And where did his superiority get him? More like pride goes before a fall.

Survival of the fittest and moral law are opposites. One survives at the expense of others, while the latter helps us to care for the less fortunate.

Monkey Morality: Can Evolution Explain Ethics? (Takes you to another site.)


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    It is well known that man always have gone to war for a reason ,but they also first check their pocket book to see if it was worthed ,to steel from others that is,or end up with a profit, it was easy in the early days were much room was vacant on the planet ,but as time goes bye things changed population and regulation are to become one ,this is so common logic ,it as nothing to do with evolution ,

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