Eternal life is this

What is eternal life

The Trinity Doctrine states that the Father is God, Jesus is God, and the Spirit is God. That is, God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. But have you heard the words, “the Son of God” or “the Spirit of God”? Sure you have, but now ask yourself, have you heard the term “The Father of God”? No you have not. Yet that is what you are teach when you teach the Trinity.

This doctrine has made people from all nations drunk. The Father is not the Father of God, no he is God. Jesus the son and the Spirit are OF God. Simple stuff. Not complicated. Simplicity in Christ.

Rather than trying to convince men that Jesus is God, why not convince men that Jesus Christ is Lord. After all, every tongue will confess this eventually as it is written. Further, Jesus is our brother and God calls us children. Know the difference because eternal life is to know God and Yeshua his son.

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