Eben Alexander’s touch with Heaven

After-life clouds

Dr Eben Alexander’s is a world-renowned and Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, this former non-believer now believes in God and Heaven.

Eben spent seven days in a coma from meningitis. He woke up and recounted a tale that science disregards as fantasy or hallucinations. Like millions before him, Ethen experienced what is termed a ‘near death experience’ where a patient becomes brain-dead yet remains conscious and sees things not only in the physical but also the spiritual realm. His account of the afterlife is filled with imagery and contact with a God who loves us beyond what we can imagine. Interestingly, Eben Alexander was an Atheist and world-class neurosurgeon who believed such encounters could not be real. Not only has he changed his mind, but he now defends the existence of an afterlife with the same kind of skeptic that he once was. Enjoy!

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

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