Did the Big Bang follow this pattern?

Spacial dimensions

We are told that the universe began from a singularity and it created time-space.

In other words it started in 0 dimension and from what we observe now, 4 or more dimensions.

Given that, is it logical to assume that the singularity first expanded in a 1 dimensional space to 2-dimensional, then created 3-dimensional space, followed by time? And if you argue this order then perhaps you are forgetting that I said time came after space. So judging the whole thing from the perspective of time is perhaps an oxymoron, unless you think of it like this.

What if we viewed this order in backward fashion. Time contains space, which contains planes, which contains lines, made up of 0 dimensional dots. Then it is time that preceded all and is the root of all. And what of higher dimensions, I will leave that for another day, but suffice to say for now, that they contain time. And whatever is the greatest, was always there, and from itself, all the smaller things proceeded.

This takes me back to something I have said before. If we start with infinity, then we can get an infinite amount of finite combinations. But if we start with nothing, then we end with nothing. The poor Atheist falls in the latter.

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