Democracy vs Republic

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    T8….We in the US are in a definite transision period of government. Unless we restore our republic we will certanly go into anarchy as more an more taxes are being leved on us, all the time, espically in the State of California where i live. People are leaving our state at a never before seen rate, as more and more illegal immigrants are draining our resources and our elected officals are doing nothing about it. If i were a young man i would most likely leave also. We have the worst governing officals i have ever seen here, with the exception of a few who still hold on to our Repulic values. May God help us, before it’s to late.

    Peace and love to you and yours. ……..gene

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    Yes Gene. California is in a state of decline by the look of it. A real shame. I went there in 1979 and loved it. Went there again in 2002 and 2003 and was not so impressed. Maybe it was just my different age but I am not reading good things about the state on social media and the Internet.

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