Can you trust your search engine?

Can you trust your search engine or social networks?

Are the gatekeepers of information abusing their power? This video says yes. They want to control your world view, your political views, and your beliefs.

While I may not agree with everything the person in the video says, I think he makes a fair point. What do you think?

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    Did you watch the video? I can personally testify that a similar thing happened to this site recently.

    The other day I wanted to access Heaven Net and often I just type ‘Heaven Net’ into the world’s most popular search engine as a way of getting there. Usually it appeared first, but now it had dropped to third place and almost below the page fold . It also didn’t list the other sections of the site as it usually did, and only had one link to the main page. This was weird because the site has been no 1 when typing out the site’s name for decades now and no other site would best fit these keywords than this one. Wondering why the site was demoted, I noticed that a few blogs in the home page, (which the search engine scraped and used as a description), were about the current president and mentioned his name. I was became suspicious that this was the reason for the drop in search results. I had heard elsewhere that the gatekeeper of search were not politically neutral and were prompting search toward their preferences.

    So I decided to make a few new posts to push these few (offending) posts further down the page and also made a sticky post called “Welcome” which you can see on the home page. Now I am back at no 1 and the different sections of the site are linked. I really think when you mention the president’s name, you lose SEO points. I have been doing SEO for years with other sites and am aware of best practice, but it seems that if your site has the wrong political view, then you are penalized.

    Finally, Facebook is working on screening so-called ‘Fake News’ which I suspect is just news that offers a different opinion to their political views. We already know that the MSM got the election completely wrong, so labelling others as ‘Fake News’ is a bit rich.

    Regarding all this, I make the following summation. If these PC search and media outlets as well as social media services ignore and disable the views of half the American people, then they leave the door open for new search and social media services that will service these people. There exist teh need for platforms that are politically neutral for the half of Americans that the current services are trying to ignore and block out.

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    Yes, of course, we can trust our Search Engine but the people behind it is in question! Alleluia! Amen!

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