Atheists- free thinkers or free from thinking? (Page 4)

Everything from nothing

When you say that something can come from nothing, then surely you have a screw loose somewhere. If nothing could create something, then it wouldn’t be nothing by the very definition of that word. Simple as that. Nothing cannot create or produce something.

Start with the number zero and try and arrive at another number. If you add in another number like 2, then you have introduced the prime mover which is something. But if all you had was zero, then you will end with zero. Likewise, if there was nothing before the universe, then there would be nothing now. But there is something. It is called the Universe and consciousness. So the universe and consciousness had a prime mover. Both are proofs of God. God is an eternal conscious being who creates. God is not only known by faith, but his existence is demanded logically.

However, many hate the idea of God, so they prefer to believe that everything came solely from nothing. In this they deny God and they also deny reason. When they can demonstrate how to get another number from zero and using zero alone, then I will listen.

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    Nice posts, thanks for sharing! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

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