Atheism is a religion

Is atheism a religion?

Atheists insist that they are not religious and tend to think that they are smarter than theists because they rely on facts and not beliefs. When you challenge them on not being religious, they will fall back on the following point as being the reason as to why Atheism is not considered a religion: ‘They don’t believe in God‘. Thus there lack of belief means that they are not religious and do not have a belief system. Let’s look at this because whether they realise it or not, I am going to show you why they are as religious as any theist. Sounds crazy? Read on.

Notice the word ‘believe’ in that claim, ‘I don’t believe in God’. Tell me what the difference is between “not believing in God” and “believing there is no God” is. There is no difference or meaningful distinction. It is a belief. Further, “I don’t believe in God” is actually a statement of faith because even though they have no proof that there is no God and the universe was not created, they trust that this is the case even in the absence of proof. Did you know that faith is trust. Faith is confidence. Faith is the evidence of things not seen according to scripture. So even though they have no proof, they trust and are confident that there is no God. This is a good reason that demonstrates that Atheists are religious and Atheism is actually a belief system and religion too.

But I hear you say “Okay they don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t make them religious does it?”. If that is your question, then ask yourself why is Buddhism is a religion. Most Buddhists don’t believe in God either. They are mostly Atheist and who would deny that Buddhism is a religion.

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Atheism is a religion

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    I have to agree with that! I’ve always had this lingering question on what makes an Athiest religious. Well, YOU have fixed that much needed answer. Most of my friends are Athiest, though I’m not, and complain about Gods wants and needs. They don’t know what they are yet, for a bunch of ‘non believers’, they sure do ask a bunch of questions and talk about scriptures from the bible. Seriously? It confuses me. Alot.

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    You have the power to change them in the inside of you. Just do it and you will be amazed!

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    Well I would say agnostic is a religion but atheism would be a belief and I would say as a spiritual or religious person that there are fundamental differences between them for a start a belief can only be intellectualised or argued or thought out or proven were as a religion can be felt and experienced and personalised

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    You make a good point here about belief versus experience. Not sure about Agnosticism being a religion though.

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